Journal Manuscripta, vol. 58:2

Manuscripta 58:2 (2014)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2015

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    Manuscripta, published under the auspices of the Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library, Saint Louis University, publishes articles, notes, and reviews in medieval and Renaissance manuscript studies. The journal focuses on the material aspects of the production, distribution, reception, and transmission of pre-modern manuscripts, including such topics as paleography, codicology, illumination, reading and literacy, textual editing and transmission, library history, catalogues, etc.



    Jeffrey C. Witt, Peter Plaoul's Lecture Commentary on the Sentences: A Canonical Ordered List of Lectures

    Book Reviews

    Michelles P. Brown, The Book and the Transformation of Britain, c. 550-1050: A Study in Written and Visual Literacy and Orality (Kathryn A. Smith)

    Kerstin Carlvant, Manuscript Painting in the Thirteenth-Century Flanders: Bruges, Ghent and the Circle of the Counts (Margaret Goehring)

    Anna Leyloyan-Yakmalyan, L'Art du livre au Vaspurakan XIVe-XVe siècles: Étude des manuscrits de Yovannes Xizanc'i (Sylvie Merian)

    Stella Panayotova, Nigel Morgan, and Suzanne Reynolds (eds), Illuminated Manuscripts in Cambridge: A Catalogue of Western Book Illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges, Part Two. Italy an the Iberian Peninsula (David Arbesú)

    Kyunghee Pyun and Anna D. Russakoff (eds), Jean Pucelle: Innovation and Collaboration in Manuscript Painting (Gerald B. Guest)

    Richard H. Rouse and Mary A. Rouse, Bound Fast with Letters: Medieval Writers, Readers, and Texts (Dominic Leo)

    Alison Stones, Gothic Manuscripts 1250-1320, Part One, Volume 1: Text and Illustrations, & Volume 2: Catalogue. A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in France (Judith Oliver)

    Rodney M. Thomas, Catalogue of Medieval Manuscripts of Latin Commentaries on Aristotle in British Libraries, Volume 2: Cambridge (David T. Gura)

    Index of Manuscripts Cited