Book Series Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia - Subsidia Lulliana, vol. 67

Knowledge, Contemplation, and Lullism

Contributions to the Lullian Session at the SIEPM Congress - Freising, August 20-25, 2012

José Higuera Rubio (ed)

  • Pages: 252 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Language(s):English, Italian, Spanish
  • Publication Year:2015

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-54853-1
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The philosophical questions and issues explored by the medieval masters continued to play a role in the thought of the Renaissance and Early Modern periods. The essays collected in this volume, divided into three parts – Knowledge, Contemplation, and Lullism – study this influence through the lens of Ramon Llull’s Art. They represent the contributions made by scholars of Llull to the 2012 Congress of the Société Internationale pour l’Étude de la Philosophie Médiévale (SIEPM) held in Freising, Germany. The contributions focus on the philosophical implications of Llull’s thought in areas such as geometry, logic, methodology, and Early Modern law.

The SIEPM Congresses in Palermo (2007) and Freising (2012) both held meetings devoted to Llull’s thought. This continued interest in Llull reinforced the constitution of a Lullian Section supported by the SIEPM Bureau (Commission of Latin Philosophy). Since its foundation, this research network has promoted academic research leading to new insights into Llull’s work as a vehicle for medieval philosophical concerns and into the history of its reception. The contributions gathered here reflect the preliminary insights and outcomes of this research. Moreover, in view of the 700th anniversary of Llull’s death (1316-2016) the essays provide a pertinent example of the continuing significance of Llull’s thought for our time.


1. Knowledge

Coralba Colomba, Lull’s Art: The brevitas as a Way to General Knowledge

Carla Compagno, La scienza geometrica nell’Ars lulliana: l’interpretazione di Ivo Salzinger

Celia López Alcalde, The Foundations of Analogical Thinking in Llull’s Epistemology

Guilherme Wyllie, Ramon Llull on the Theoretical Unification of Fallacies

2. Contemplation

Antoni Bordoy, Ramon Llull and the Question on the Knowledge of God in the Parisian condemnation of 1277

Francesco Fiorentino, La critica lulliana alla teoria averroista della felicità speculativa

José Higuera, From Metaphors to Categories: The Contemplative and Semantic Cycle of the Divine Names

Annemarie Mayer, Contemplatio in Deum – or the Pleasure of Knowing God via his Attributes

3. Lullism

Josep Batalla, Regards sur Raymond Lulle

Francisco José Díaz Marcilla, El hilo luliano de la madeja cultural castellana medieval. Nuevos aportes al lulismo castellano medieval laico y religioso

Esteve Jaulent, Un lulista responde a Paolo Flores d'Arcais

Rafael Ramis Barceló, Bernard de Lavinheta y su interpretación de las ideas jurídicas de Ramon Llull

Alessandro Tessari & Alberto Pavanato, René Descartes: From Analytics to Heuristics