Book Series De Diversis Artibus, vol. 91 (N.S. 54)

Craft Treatises and Handbooks

The Dissemination of Technical Knowledge in the Middle Ages

Ricardo Córdoba (ed)

  • Pages: 326 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Illustrations:49 b/w
  • Language(s):English, French
  • Publication Year:2014

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-54439-7
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  • ISBN: 978-2-503-54481-6
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This collection explores the modes of transmission of technical knowledge in antiquity and the Middle Ages.


This book is devoted to the study of medieval manuscripts of a technical nature that provide information about manual activities such as textile industry, metallurgy, painting and illumination. The high level of specialization of these crafts involved the need to rely on recipe books, handbooks and treatises. These texts illustrate the various aspects of transmission and dissemination of technical knowledge as well as the written culture of medieval craftsmen.

Issu d’un colloque organisé à Cordoue en 2005, mais largement enrichi de nouveaux développements, de recherches récentes et de communications innovantes, le recueil étudie les modes de transmission des savoirs techniques dans l’Antiquité et le Moyen Âge, qu’il s’agisse du geste, de la parole et de l’écrit dans les domaines aussi divers que la tannerie, la cuisine, la fonderie, l’enluminure, le blanchiment ou l’attaque décorative des métaux.


Mark Clarke, The Earliest Technical Recipes: Assyrian Recipes, Greek Chemical Treatises and the Mappae Clavicula Text Family

Mark Clarke, Late Medieval Artists’ Recipes Books (14th-15th Centuries)

Doris Oltrogge, Recipe Books for Illuminators in 15th Century Germany and Netherlands – Workshop Practice and Encyclopedic Ambition

Stefanos Kroustallis, The Mappae Clavicula Treatise of the Codex Matritensis 19 and the Transmission of Art Technology in the Middle Ages

Cheryl Porter, Local Traditions and the Use of Local Products in a 15th Century English Manuscript

Luís U. Afonso, António João Cruz, Débora Matos, O livro de como se fazem as cores or a Medieval Portuguese Text on the Colours for Illumination: a Review

Arie Wallert, Recipes for Iniziali Filigranate in Manuscripts: a Separate Tradition

Natalia Sancho Cubino, Margarita San Andrés Moya, Verdigris Ink. Compilation and Interpretation of Recipes Extracted from Medieval Manuscripts

Eva López Zamora, Consuelo Dalmau Moliner, Gold and its Manipulation across Medieval Treatises

Spike Bucklow, Theophilus’ Spanish Gold as Evidence of Spain’s Role in the Dissemination of Techniques

Silvia A. Centeno, Nellie Stavisky, The Prato Haggadah: an Investigation into the Materials and Techniques of a Hebrew Manuscript from Spain in Relation to Medieval Treatises

Teresa Criado Vega, Castilian Recipes for the Manufacture of Writing Inks (15th-16th Centuries)

Alan Williams, David Edge, A Suit of Armour Produced by Five Workshops: Wallace Collection A20

Ad Stijnman, The Etching of Iron before the Invention of Etched Intaglio Printing Plates, 1200-1500

Steven A. Walton, Proto-Scientific Revolution or Cookbook Science? Early Gunnery Manuals in the Craft Treatise Tradition

Gertrude M. Helms, Italian Renaissance Bronze Casting Technology: the Written Record

Nicolas Thomas, De la recette à la pratique : l’exemple du lutum sapientiae des alchimistes

Ricardo Córdoba de la Llave, Late Medieval Italian Recipes for Leather Tanning

Alice Margerum, Fifteenth-Century Lute Making Techniques and Six Hundred Years of Arabic and Persian Antecedents

Manfred Lautenschlager, "... but the frog will die." Notions on Language, Seriousness and Literary Traditions in the Liber Illuministarum (Tegernsee, 15th Century, Cgm 821)