Journal The Journal of Medieval Latin, vol. 22

The Journal of Medieval Latin 22/2012

  • Pages: 338 p.
  • Size:178 x 254 mm
  • Illustrations:1 b/w
  • Language(s):English, Latin
  • Publication Year:2013

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    Michael D. Elliott, Wulfstan’s Commonplace Book Revised: The Structure and Development of "Block 7," on Pastoral Privilege and Responsibility — Elizabeth Boyle, The Authorship and Transmission of De tribus habitaculis animae — Sinéad O’Sullivan, The Sacred and the Obscure: Greek and the Carolingian Reception of Martianus Capella — Michael W. Herren, John Scottus and Greek Mythology: Reprising an Ancient Hermeneutic in the Paris Commentary on Martianus Capella — Jonathan Davis-Secord, Rhythm and Music: The Sequences of Notker Balbulus — Martin Camargo, In Search of Geoffrey of Vinsauf’s Lost  "Long Documentum" — Tristan Major, Words, Wit, and Wordplay in the Latin Works of the Venerable Bede — Bryan Carella, Alcuin and the Legatine Capitulary of 786: The Evidence of Scriptural Citations Alexander Andrée, Laon Revisited: Master Anselm and the Creation of a Theological School in the Twelfth Century (A Review Essay)