Book Series Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, vol. 33

Byzantine Art

Recent Studies

Colum P. Hourihane (ed)

  • Pages: 197 p.
  • Size:178 x 254 mm
  • Illustrations:144 b/w
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2010

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  • ISBN: 978-2-503-53381-0
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This volume contains groundbreaking articles by eminent scholars in the field on the art and architecture of the Byzantine world from the tenth to the fifteenth centuries.


Stretching from Russia to the Mediterranean, the Byzantine world encompasses a multitude of distinct styles and areas, many of which are examined in this volume. Written by some of the most eminent scholars in the field, the studies deal with the architecture and art of the Eastern world from the tenth to the fifteenth centuries. Underpinned by iconography, style, reception and date, these essays attempt to contextualize the eastern world and the west, the Muslim and the Christian, the specific detail and the larger picture. Looking at many topics for the first time, these essays are destined to open the field of scholarship for future research in the area.


Representations of Towers in Byzantine Art: The Question of Meaning - Slobodan Ćurčić

Monastic Challenges: Some Manuscripts of the Heavenly Ladder - Nancy P. Ševčenko

Legal Iconicity: The Documentary Image, the Problem of Genre, and the Work of the Beholder - Anthony Cutler

The Bahattin Samanliği Kilisesi at Belisırma (Cappadocia) Revisited - Catherine Jolivet-Lévy

Moslems, Christians, and Iconoclasm: Erasures from Church Floor Mosaics during the Early Islamic Period - Henry Maguire

Muslims, Christians, and Iconoclasm: A Case Study of Images and Erasure on Lamps in the Johns Hopkins University Archaeological Collection - Eunice Dauterman Maguire

Byzantium between East and West and the Origins of Heraldry - Robert Ousterhout

Manuscripts Speaking: The History of the Readership and Ownership - Sofia Kotzabassi

From Byzantium to Princeton: A Century of Collecting Greek Manuscripts - Don C. Skemer