Book Series Berliner Turfantexte, vol. 26

Die uigurischen buddhistischen Kolophone

Yukiyo Kasai

  • Pages: 388 p.
  • Size:210 x 297 mm
  • Language(s):German
  • Publication Year:2008

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  • ISBN: 978-2-503-52802-1
  • Paperback
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Buddhist colophons are the texts added after Buddhist sutras and commentaries. They were written by the individuals who composed the text in question (authors), translated it (translators), had it copied or printed (patrons), copied it (copyists), or read it (readers). While Buddhist sutras and commentaries were copied several times and handed down nearly unchanged through time, colophons were as a rule unique. In comparison with the former, the latter can therefore be described as individual. Many colophons were added to the Uighur Buddhist texts. These colophons provide essential information about Uighur Buddhism and Buddhists such as the date of the composition or translation of the text, the names of the authors, translators, patrons and members of Buddhist families, the reasons for acting as patrons and the requests expressed by them. This book is the first comprehensive edition of the published colophons. The author examines their historical development. Unpublished colophons have been added.