Journal Troianalexandrina, vol. 5

Troianalexandrina 5

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  • Language(s):Spanish, English
  • Publication Year:2005

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    Troianalexandrina publishes articles on medieval European works on the matter of antiquity (Trojan matter, Alexander the Great, Greek and Latin literatures and mythology) and, more generally, about the survival of classical culture in the Middle Ages. Interdisciplinary contributions focusing on the study of images and iconographic tradition, or exploring elements of medieval visual culture related to classical themes and motives are also welcome. The journal accepts articles of up to 125,000 characters (with spaces) / 18,000 words, including notes and bibliography. All manuscripts undergo double-blind peer review.

    TROIANA : Rodríguez Porto, Rosa Mª, Troy-upon-Guadalquivir: Imagining Ancient Architecture at King Alfonso XI’s Court.

    ALEXANDRINA : Fernández, Victoriano Nodar,“Sus cabelleras brillaban como plumas de pavo real”: los guerreros de Alejandro y las sirenas de un capitel de la Catedral de Santiago Rigall, Juan Casas, La abbreviatio y sus funciones poéticas en el Libro de Alexandre.

    VARIA:Haase, Fee-Alexandra, Rhetoric as Praise of the Emperor and Education Concept. Alcuin of York and Rhabanus Maurus as Representatives of the Early Rhetoric in Germany during the Renaissance of Charlemagne and the Manuscript Alcuinus ad Regem – Kern, Manfred, Der gefährliche Mythos vom Singen: Musen und Sirenen in der europäischen Literatur des Mittelalters   Arizaleta, Amaia, Les vers sur la pierre. Quelques notes sur le Libro de Alexandreet le Libro de Apolonio – Domínguez, César, Apuntes para el estudio del personaje medieval. I. Panorama de la reflexión poetológica.