Journal The Journal of Celtic Studies, vol. 1-2

The Journal of Celtic Studies 1-2 (1949/1950 & 1953/1958) [rpt]

  • Pages: 508 p.
  • Size:160 x 240 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2005

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-51572-4
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Contents volume 1:
J. Vendryes, Irlandais rug- Préfixe Superlatif
H. Pedersen, Old Irish ainder, 'A Young Woman'
J. Whatmough, Gaulish twθθos, auot, ieuru
A. Tovar, Pre-Indoeuropeans, Pre-Celts, and Celts in the Hispanic Peninsula
W. Krause, The Imperfect in British and Kuchean
R. Pettazzoni, The Gaulish Three-faced God on Planetary Vases
V. Pisani, Studies in Gaulish Vocabulary
A. Heiermeier, IE *sreu-/sru-, 'To Flow, To Stream,' in Celtic, Especially Irish, River-Names
K. Jackson, Brittonica
K. Mulchrone, Flannacán mac Cellaich Rí Breg Hoc Carmen
V. Hull, The Text of Baile Binnbérlach mac Buain from MS23.N.10 of the Royal Irish Academy
R. M. Smith, The Six Gifts
A. Matheson, Some Proverbs and Proverbial Expressions from Lewis
B.J. Whiting, Lowland Scots and Celtic Proverbs in North Carolina
J. Pokorny, Some Celtic Etymologies
G. Bonfante,,French lez, Prov. latz: A Case of Celtic Substratum in Gallo-Roman Romance
G. Lehmacher, The Ancient Celtic Year
D.A. Binchy, Ir. forggu (W goreu ?), dígu
M. Schlauch, On Conall Corc and the Relations of Old Ireland with the Orient
C. Donahue, Grendel and the Clanna Cain
T. Peete Cross, "Sohrab and Rustum" in Ireland
O. Bergin, Old Irish dligid
R.I. Best, The Yellow book of Lecan
P. Grosjean,  The Pedigree of Saint Caelainn
H. Meroney, Studies in Early Irish Satire
M. E. Dobbs, A Poem on the Uí Dega
A. Sommerfelt, The Norsemen in Present Day Donegal Tradition
S. Ó Searcaigh, Some Uses and Omissions of the Article in Irish

Contents volume 2:
R. A. Fowkes, Sanskrit Evidence in Welsh Etymologies
E. P. Hamp, Morphological Correspondences in Cornish and Breton
J. Pokorny, Further Note on Old Irish derc, 'berry'
E. Mayrhofer-Passler, Sētanta Cūchulinn und der Genius Cucullatus
H. W. Bailey and A. S. C. Ross, Irisi on Lyonesse
V. Hull;,Cū Chulainn's Feats
M. E. Dobbs, Notes on the Lists of Irish Historic Tales
H. Meroney, Studies in Early Irish Satire
R. M. Smith, Shane O'Neill's Last Letter
J. L. Campbell, Some Errors in the Names of Animals in Gaelic Dictionaries
T. S. Ó Máille, Some Modern Irish Words
E. P. Hamp, Notulae Celtibericae
K. Jackson, The Site of Mount Badon
A. S. D. Smith ("Caradar"), An Examination of the Functions and Formsof the Cornish Verb bos
H. Meroney, The Alphabet of the World
H. Meroney, The Titles of Some Early Irish Law-Tracts
R. M. Smith, The Alphabet hanmer and the Cesair Myth
J. Lorne Campbell, Some Errors in Professor P. Hume Brown's Edition of Donald Munro's Description of the Western Islands
C. A. Sheehan, The Contribuiton of Charles O'Conor of Belanagare to Gaelic Scholarship in Eighteenth-Century Ireland