Journal Viking and Medieval Scandinavia, vol. 1

Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 1 (2005)

  • Pages: 279 p.
  • Size:160 x 240 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2006

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  • ISBN: 978-2-503-51570-0
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    • Simonetta Battista, ‘The Compilator and Contemporary Literary Culture in Old Norse Hagiography’;
    • Oren Falk, ‘Did Rannveig Change Her Mind? Resolve and Violence in Þorsteins þáttr stangarhõggs’;
    • Ildar Garipzanov, ‘Carolingian Coins in Ninth-Century Scandinavia: A Norwegian Perspective’;
    • Pernille Hermann, ‘Spatial and Temporal Perspectives in Íslendingabók: Historiography and Social Structures’;
    • Annette Lassen, ‘Óðinn in Old Norse Texts other than The Elder Edda, Snorra Edda and Ynglinga saga’;
    • Julie Lund, ‘Thresholds and Passages: the Meanings of Bridges in the Viking Age and Early Middle Ages’;
    • Lena Norrman, ‘Visual Poetry, Weaving Meaning: Micro Narratives in the Nordic Oral Tradition’;
    • Carl Phelpstead, ‘Converting to Europe: Christian Themes in Knýtlinga saga’;
    • Catherina Raudvere, ‘Life as Text: the Power of the Spoken Word as Literary Motif and Ritual Practice in Old Norse Literature’;
    • Alexandra Sanmark, ‘Dietary Regulations in Early Christian Norway’;
    • Olof Sundqvist, ‘Sagas, Religion, and Rulership: the Credibility of the Description of Rituals in Hákonar saga góða’;
    • Matthew Townend ‘Knútr and the Cult of St Óláfr: Poetry and Patronage in Eleventh-Century Norway and England’.