Journal Viator, vol. 32

Viator 32 (2001)

  • Pages: 430 p.
  • Size:175 x 255 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2001

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    Contents of issue: Abstracts

    A. Duggan; Classical Quotations and Allusions in the Correspondence of Thomas Becket: An Investigation of Their Sources Megan Cassidy-Welch, Incarceration and Liberation: Prisons in the Cistercian Monastery 
    D. L. Pike; Le dreit enfer vus mosterruns: Marie de Frances "Espurgatoire Seint Patriz" 
    C. Mews, H. Metel, H.& P. Abelard Jill Mann; Wife-Swapping in Medieval Literature 
    J. Dotson; Foundations of Venetian Naval Strategy from Pietro II Orseolo to the Battle of Zonchio 
    R. and M. Rouse; Publishing Watriquets "Dits" 
    T. Göllner; The Origins of Modern Notation in Early Keyboard Music 
    G. Allaire; Considerations on Huon dAuvergne / Ugo dAlvernia Kevin Moll, The Plainsong Mass of Reginaldus Liebert (ca. 1425): Some Practical Speculations on Speculative Practices 
    S. King; Gasping at Straw ... Men: The Politics of Fear in Early Modern French Farce 
    M. D. Orth; French Renaissance Manuscripts. Elegant Survivors Matthew Vester, Territorial Politics and Early Modern "Fiscal Policy": Taxation in Savoy, 1559-1580 
    R. Goffen; Signatures: Inscribing Identity in Italian Renaissance Art 
    F. Lestringant; Jean de Lérys History of a Voyage to the Land of Brazil and Claude Lévi-Strausss "Triste Tropiques" 
    T. Clifford-Amos; Certaine Signes" of Faeryland: The "Monstrous dragon" of Albions North