Book Series Cultural Encounters in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, vol. 1

De Sion exibit lex et verbum domini de Hierusalem

Essays on Medieval Law, Liturgy and Literature in Honour of Amnon Linder

Yitzhak Hen (ed)

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  • Publication Year:2001

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The essays gathered here deal with a variety of sources on  medieval law, liturgy and literature, and encompass the fourth to fifteenth centuries, and span from the Holy Land to the British Isles, and present different methodologies.


"It is an honourable legacy. This volume offers a well-deserved and well-produced tribute to Linder's scholarship by students and fellow researchers and is to be recommended to anyone interested in medieval cultural and intercultural history." (I. Shagrir in Mediterranean Historical Review, Vol.19, No.2, December 2004, p.81-82)


Amnon Linder, professor of medieval history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has published two seminal studies in the history of the Christian Holy Land and in Jewish-Christian relations in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Jerusalem-Toronto, 1987 and 1997 respectively) but in recent years has dedicated himself to the study of medieval liturgy, particularly Crusader liturgy of the liberation and destruction of Jerusalem. The essays gathered here from friends; colleagues and students of Prof. Linder pick up the themes of Linders publications - medieval law, liturgy and literature. The papers deal with a variety of sources and encompass the fourth to fifteenth centuries and span from the Holy Land to the British Isles and present different methodologies. 
They are organized chronologically and comprise the following papers: 
O. Limor; Reading Sacred Space: Egeria; Paula; and the Christian Holy Land 
B.-S. Albert; Le judaïsme et les juifs dans l'hagiographie et la liturgie visigothique 
Y. Hen; Educating the Clergy: Canon Law and Liturgy in a Carolingian Handbook from the Time of Charles the Bald 
B. Z. Kedar; Convergence of Oriental Christian; Muslim; and Frankish Worshippers: The Case of Saydnaya 
S. Schein; Servise de Marriage and Law Enforcement in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem 
Y. Friedman; Did Laws of War Exist in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem 
D. Jacoby, Pilgrimage in Crusader Acre: The Pardouns dAcre 
P. B. Roberts; Sermons, Preachers, and the Law 
A. M. Kleinberg; Depriving Parents of the Consolation of Children: Two Legal Consilia on the Baptism of Jewish Children 
M. Goodich; Liturgy and the Foundation of Cults in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries 
J. Ziegler; Text and Context: On the Rise of Physiognomic Thought in the Later Middle Ages 
M. Toch; The Peasant Community and its Laws: Medieval Bavaria Esther Cohen, Who Dese