Book Series Corpus Christianorum Series Latina, vol. 92


Commentarius in Apocalypsin

A. W. Adams (ed)

  • Pages: 365 p.
  • Size:155 x 245 mm
  • Language(s):Latin
  • Publication Year:1985

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-00921-6
  • Hardback
  • Available


The importance of Primasius for the history of the text of the African Old Latin Apocalypse is well known through the work of J. Haussleiter and H. J. Vogels. His Commentary, which contains copious quotations from all parts of the Latin Bible, draws extensively on Tyconius and Augustine, and was in turn a source for the commentaries of Bede, Ambrosius Autpertus and Beatus. The present edition of the text is based on all the extant manuscripts, at the head of which stands the Oxford MS of the 7-8th centuries (most probably used and annotated by St. Boniface) containing some 15 passages not found elsewhere in the manuscript tradition, and incorporates two manuscripts not known to Haussleiter. The text is accompanied by a very full apparatus criticus; this will be of interest also to students of Primasius' sources and of the commentators who drew upon him, and these too are set out in a separate apparatus. The Introduction contains a detailed description of the manuscripts and their textual relationships, together with the printed editions - the vulgata (editio princeps of Cologne 1535) and chat of Basel of 1544.


Primasius Hadrumetinus — Commentarius in Apocalypsin ( CPL 873 ) — ed. A.W. Adams