Book Series Manuscripts in the Making, vol. 2

Art and Science

Volume Two

Stella Panayotova, Paola Ricciardi (eds)

  • Pages: 224 p.
  • Size:220 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:240 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2019

  • ISBN: 978-1-912554-13-3
  • Hardback
  • Available


“The project has been exemplary, not only in developing new techniques, but in ensuring that its findings have been introduced into the scholarly mainstream, first, through the organization of the exhibition Colour: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts (2016–17) and subsequently through the publication of the papers the second portion of which are included here.” (Jeffrey F. Hamburger, in Medium Ævum, 88/2, 2019, p. 434)



Vision and Colour in the Works of Giotto and His Contemporaries — Donal Cooper

Robert Grosseteste’s De iride and its Addendum in the Vatican Manuscript Barb. Lat. 165: Transmission, Reception, Meaning — Cecilia Panti and Greti Dinkova-Bruun

Seeing a Pink Elephant: Creating Meaning through Colour in the Medieval Bestiary — Elizabeth Morrison 

The Colours of Fortune — Deirdre Jackson


Recipes and Reception: Late Mediaeval English Colour. Recipes and Amateur Illuminators — Mark Clarke

Looking for Lichen, Fooled by Folium and Tricked by Tyrian: A Brief Tour and New Research on Purple in Manuscripts — Cheryl Porter, Maurizio Aceto, Elisa Calà, Angelo Agostino, Gaia Fenoglio, Ambra Idone and Monica Gulmini

Reflecting a Heavenly Light: Gold and other Metals in Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript Illumination — Nancy Turner

Gold or Brass, Silver or Tin: the Analysis of Metals in Medieval Book Illumination — Robert Fuchs, Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences

Pigmenta: Materials for Writing, Painting and Healing — Lea Olsan

The Use of Copper Sulphates in Sixteenth-Century Flemish Illumination: Simon Bening as a Case Study — Giulia Bertolotti and Paola Ricciardi


Between Tradition and Innovation: Giving Light to a Visionary Text in the Lorvão Beatus — Maria João Melo, Maria Adelaide Miranda, Rita Castro, João Lopes and Jorge Sarraguça

Scientific Study of Cistercian Illuminated Manuscripts: Techniques, Aesthetics and Religion — Catarina Miguel, Angela Nuñez-Gáitan, Maria Luisa Carvalho and Cristina Barrocas-Diasa

Mapping and identification of the pigments used in two illuminations from the Laudario of Sant’Agnese attributed to the Master of the Dominican Effigies — John K. Delaney, Kathryn Dooley, Damon Conover, Lisha Glinsman, Giorgio Trumpy and Michelle Facini

The Benefits of Scanning Illuminated Manuscripts with MA-XRF and MA-rFTIR — Stijn Legrand, Paola Ricciardi and Koen Janssens


The Psalter-Hours of Isabelle of France in the Nineteenth-Century — Stella Panayotova

The Spanish Forger Exposed: an Interdisciplinary Study of Two of His Paintings — Christina Currie, Steven Saverwyns and Dominique Vanwijnsberghe