Book Series Illuminated Manuscripts and Incunabula in Cambridge, vol. 1

A Catalogue of Western Book Illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges. Part One: The Frankish Kingdoms, the Netherlands, Germany, Bohemia, Hungary and Austria SET

Stella Panayotova, Nigel J. Morgan (eds)

  • Pages:2 vols, 560 p.
  • Size:230 x 330 mm
  • Illustrations:750 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2009

  • ISBN: 978-1-905375-47-9
  • Hardback
  • Available


"These volumes triumphantly justify 'paper cataloguing'. [...] The authors and sponsors are to be warmly congratulated and urged to complete a series that makes a fundamental contribution to knowledge."    (Catherine Reynolds, in The Burlington Magazine CLIII, March 2011, p. 182)

« On ne peut que se réjouir de la qualité de ces deux premiers volumes et souhaiter la parution rapide des tomes suivants. »    (A. Châtelet, dans Art et Métiers du Livre 31, Déc 2009-fév 2010, p. 91-92)

"The first two beautifully designed volumes of Illuminated Manuscripts in Cambridge have all the indices and finding aids (including an index of biblical and non-biblical iconography) to facilitate further research. They are brimming with ideas, are full of dissertation topics, and are testaments to the bounty – intellectual and sensuous or even sybaritic – spread out before students of medieval manuscripts."    (Kathryn M. Rudy, in HNA Review of Books)

"This updating of the traditional manuscript catalogue is a very useful addition to the scholarship on manuscripts in English collections, in part because of the precision and brevity of the updated information, but especially because of the sumptuous illustrations, which provide the irreplaceable visual context for the textual information the catalogue presents."    (Stephen Clancy, in Speculum 86/3, July 2011, p. 789)

"The series will be a landmark in manuscript studies, and one can only hope that further support will hasten further projected volumes." (Rowan Watson, in: The Burlington Magazine, vol. CLIV, 2012, p. 847)

"Esta calidad editorial y científica, presentes en los demás tomos y volúmenes que conforman la serie Illuminated Manuscripts in Cambridge de Harvey Miller/Brepols, es un excelente modelo a tener en cuenta para la edición de futuros catálogos de manuscritos iluminados." (Isabel Escandell Proust, in: Codex Aquilarensis, 29, 2013, p. 289-304)

« (…) un instrument de travail précieux pour le chercheur et l’amateur éclairé. » (Marc Gil, dans Le Moyen Age, 1, 2017, p. 207)


This publication is the first to appear in a major new series of catalogues covering all Western medieval illuminated manuscripts in Cambridge, excluding only the manuscripts in the University Library which are being catalogued separately. The entries are based on the most recent studies undertaken by the Cambridge Illuminations Research Project; they are organised geographically by place of origin, and, within that grouping, listed chronologically. The present two-volume catalogue deals with the early manuscripts produced in the Frankish Kingdoms, the splendid, richly illustrated books from the Northern and Southern Netherlands ranging from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century,  illuminations from the Meuse region, manuscripts both in Latin and the vernacular from the late eleventh to the end of the sixteenth century from Germany, and lastly an interesting group of books from Bohemia, Austria and Hungary. The focus of the catalogue is on the illumination, and includes detailed listings of all miniatures, decoration and ornamentation, which are made easily accessible by the inclusion of an exhaustive iconographic index. Entries also include much information on the textual contents of the manuscripts and on their provenance, as well as the most recent bibliographical references. Every manuscript catalogued is also illustrated, generally with several images, providing readers with a corpus of some 750 illustrations which are all reproduced  in full colour.