Book Series Papers in Mediaeval Studies, vol. 37

Textual Communities, Textual Selves: Essays in Dialogue with Brian Stock

Sarah Powrie, Gur Zak (eds)

  • Pages: xii + 272 p.
  • Size:152 x 229 mm
  • Illustrations:9 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2024

  • ISBN: 978-0-88844-837-8
  • Hardback
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Sarah Powrie is Associate Professor of English at St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Interested in questions of literary reception, she has published articles on Boethius, Chaucer, Spenser, and Donne.

Gur Zak is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Romance Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Head of the Institute of Literatures. He is the author of Petrarch’s Humanism and the Care of the Self (2010) and Boccaccio and the Consolation of Literature (2022). His current project deals with the implications of compassion in Italian Renaissance literature.


The essays in this volume investigate ways that textual practices in the classical and medieval periods generated collective and individual expressions of identity. Engaging in dialogue with Brian Stock’s seminal contributions to the history of literacy, especially Augustine the Reader, The Implications of Literacy, and Myth and Science in the Twelfth Century, the essays initiate new conversations about models of interpretation, habits of reading, textual communities, and forms of self-writing.


List of Plates

Sarah Powrie and Gur Zak

Aviad Kleinberg
A Life of Brian

Seth Lerer
The Textualized Augustine and Late Antique Communities

Paul Saenger
Augustine as Reader: Prospects for Collaboration between Palaeography and the Neurosciences

Sarah Spence
Augustine, Virgil, and the Landscape of Memory

John Magee
Boethius and the Legacy of Alexander of Aphrodisias: The Elementary Commentary on De interpretatione 10, 19b22–24, and Related Texts

Constant J. Mews
Rereading The Twelve Abuses of the Age: From Seventh-Century Ireland to Twelfth-Century France

Marcia l. Colish
Self-Baptism in the Middle Ages?

Willemien Otten
Nature’s Mediation: William of Conches and Hildegard of Bingen on Creation and the Cosmos

Sarah Powrie
Allegories of the Formless Self in Augustine’s Confessions and Bernardus Silvestris’s Cosmographia

Gur Zak
After Petrarch: Writing and Self-Care in Giovanni Conversini’s Rationarium vite

Jane Tylus
Listening for the Ending

Catherine Conybeare
Augustine and Wittgenstein: The Inner Dialogue Continued

Natalie Zemon Davis
A Scholarly Friendship: In Tribute to Brian Stock

Publications of Brian Stock