Book Series Papers in Mediaeval Studies, vol. 21

Robert Grosseteste

His Thought and Its Impact

Jack P. Cunningham (ed)

  • Pages: 362 p.
  • Size:150 x 230 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2012

  • ISBN: 978-0-88844-821-7
  • Hardback
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Robert Grosseteste's significant contributions to science and theology are a testament to his reputation as a consummate polymath. This wide-raging collection of essays in honour of James McEvoy also includes two essays by him.


Part One: Translations and Commentaries

James McEvoy, Thomas Gallus Vercellensis end Robertus Grossatesta Lincolniensis. How to Make the Pseudo-Dionysius Intelligible to the Latins

Catherine Kavanagh, The Translation Methods of Robert Grosseteste and Johannes Scottus Eriugena. Some Points of Comparison

Jean-Michel Counet, Grosseteste's Commentary on the Divine Names. A Cosmological Relevance?

R.M. Ball, Robert Grosseteste on the Psalms

Part Two: Science and Magic

Cecilia Panti, The Evolution of the Idea of Corporeity in Robert Grosseteste's Writings

Pietro B. Rossi, Grosseteste's Influence on Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century British Commentators on Posterior Analytics. A Preliminary Survey

R. James Long, Between Idolatry and Science. The Magical Arts in the Grosseteste School

Part Three: Impact and Legacy

Anne Hudson, Wyclif and the Grosseteste Legacy at Oxford Greyfriars

Edgar Laird, Grosseteste, Wyclif, and Chaucer on Universals

Neil Lewis, Robert Grosseteste and Richard Rufus of Cornwall on Unequal Infinites

Part Four: Pastoral Theology

Matthias Hessenauer, For a Larger Audience. Grosseteste's Perambulavit Iudas in Anglo-Norman

Mark W. Elliott, Robert Grosseteste, the Jews, and De cessatione legalium

James McEvoy, The Mystical Theology Commentary of Robert Grosseteste as a Source for Die siben strassen zu got of Rudolph of Biberach, OFM

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