Book Series Subsidia Mediaevalia, vol. 16

Anemurium: The Roman and Early Byzantine Pottery

The Excavation at Anemurium in Rough Cilicia

C. Williams

  • Pages: 213 p.
  • Size:165 x 245 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:1992

  • ISBN: 978-0-88844-365-6
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The pottery published in this volume comes from fourteen years of survey and systematic excavations at Anemurium in Cilicia. The study provides the first detailed ceramic history of a Roman site on the south coast of Turkey since the publication of the material from Tarsus in 1950. In incorporating the results of ceramic studies from around the Mediteranean done in the decades following the appearance of the pottery from Tarsus, the work establishes a new starting point for pottery studies in this region of the eastern Mediteranean. The ceramic assemblage from Anemurium contributes much useful evidence for the history of this small provincial city in Asia Minor. From the point of view of ceramic studies in the Roman and early Byzantine periods, Anemurium is located approximately halfway between two important fineware producing areas (the west coast of Asia Minor and the Syrian littoral) and very close to a third (Cyprus). Relative quantities at Anemurium of the ceramics from each area at various periods can provide clues to trade in this particular corner of the Roman Empire. The geographical location of the site also helps to confirm or refute suggestions, based on distribution patterns, about the sources of some well-known pottery types. The status of Anemurium as a relatively minor urban centre within the Empire is in itself of interest when considering what was or was not imported to the site. In addition, the discussion of evidence for local production of an important Roman amphora type makes a significant contribution to ceramic studies. The examination of datable groups from these excavations in conjunction with external evidence from other sites, resulting in the establishment of a cooking-pot series, further enriches our understanding of common-and coarsewares. Ancient pottery production, trade and use are highlighted in this volume devoted to the results of the Canadian excavations at Anemurium. The study illuminates one facet