Book Series Brepols Vatican II Studies, vol. 1

Vatican II After Sixty Years

Developments and Expectations Prior to the Council

Mathijs Lamberigts, Antonia Pizzey, Karim Schelkens (eds)

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  • Language(s):English, French
  • Publication Year:2023

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Vatican II After Sixty Years. Developments and Expectations Prior to the Council focuses on the expectations about the upcoming Council in different parts of the world, such as Australia and Latin America. It also focuses on the debates in the preparatory commissions with regard to issues such as Scripture and tradition, ecclesiology, ecumenenism, education. It does so on the basis of sources only recently being available in Vatican II-research. The book thus offers new and renewing insights on Vatican II in its preparatory phase.


This volume is the result of a workshop organized in Leuven within the context of the Australian Catholic University-KU Leuven-Tilburg University project on Vatican II (1962-1965). This volume focuses on the preparatory period of the Council and its broader context, for many renewal movements were underway decades before the Council's opening. The preparation of the Council was also a period of intense consultation of bishops and male superiors of religious orders and congregations. Indeed, John XXIII aimed at introducing an aggiornamento in the Roman Catholic Church, taking into account the wishes and the needs of bishops and superiors. The volume presented here offers new insights about this period on the basis of archives and other materials insufficiently consulted to date. The papers presented are the result of research by both senior scholars and junior researchers. They focus on the following issues: revelation, ecclesiology, ecumenism, and education.


List of Contributors


Part One: Historiography of Vatican II

Chapter One: Historia, quae vitae magistra est (John XXIII): The History of Vatican II between Past and Future of Christian Faith
Michael Quisinsky

Part Two: Revelation

Chapter Two: Some Pre-Conciliar Background to Dei Verbum: The Neo-Scholastic Manuals and Their Implied Models
Ormond Rush

Chapter Three: ‘Throwing the Faith to Relativism?’ On Understanding Scripture, Tradition, and Authority in the Long Run to Vatican II
Karim Schelkens

Chapter Four: Beyond the Scripture Sufficiency Debate: The Contribution of Yves Congar
Andrew Meszaros

Part Three: Church

Chapter Five: The Vota of the Prelates of the Southern Cone Region on Ecclesiology and Laity
Sandra Arenas

Chapter Six: The Vota of the Episcopate of the Andean Region on Ecclesiology and Laity
Rolando Iberico Ruiz

Chapter Seven: The Australian Pre-Conciliar Ecclesiological Imagination: Exploring Metaphors of the Church from Vatican I to Vatican II in the Australian Landscape
Antonia Pizzey

Part Four: Eastern Catholic Churches and Ecumenism

Chapter Eight: Le Cardinal Liénart et le Tout Action Catholique
Catherine Masson

Chapter Nine: The Vota of the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Reform of Eastern Canon Law
Jose Maripurath Devassy, Astrid Kaptijn, Peter De Mey

Chapter Ten: Universality in Time and Space: The Salvation Historical Turn in Catholic Ecclesiology against the Background of Pre-Conciliar Ecumenism
Simon Beentjes

Chapter Eleven: The Catholic Conference for Ecumenical Questions: A Representative Summa of Pre-conciliar European Catholic Ecumenism?
Saretta Marotta

Part Five: Education

Chapter Twelve: Religious Education and the Re-Christianization of Western Europe in the Long 1950s: A Missed Opportunity?
Stephen G. Parker

Chapter Thirteen: Catechesis, Seminary Formation, and Schools on the Threshold of Vatican II: Expectations within the Vota Antepraeparatoria
Isaak Deman

Chapter Fourteen: De Scholis Catholicis: The Preparation of the Decree on Catholic Schools in the Preparatory Period
Mathijs Lamberigts

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