Book Series Traditio Patrum, vol. 1

Traditio Patrum. I - Scriptores Hispaniae

Emanuela Colombi (ed)

  • Pages: 572 p.
  • Size:155 x 245 mm
  • Illustrations:1 col., 13 tables b/w.
  • Language(s):Latin, Spanish, Italian
  • Publication Year:2015

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-55831-8
  • Hardback
  • Available

An unmissable scrupulous overview of the transmission of patristic literature throughout the ages.


« Ce trésor de science « hispanique » répond parfaitement au besoin, souvent exprimé, de préciser la transmission des différents auteurs et de compléter les claves. Puisse le premier volume de Traditio Patrum susciter des vocations dans d’autres aires culturelles du Haut Moyen Âge. » (Benoît Gain, dans Revue d’ histoire Ecclésiastique, 3-4, 2017, p. 843)

"El presente volumen (...) colma una laguna real, que por su orientación hacia la Textüberlieferung es plenamente complementario con los precedentes y que constituye la mejor inauguración posible para toda la serie TraPat.
Celebrando el excelente trabajo de la editora y de los colaboradores, a quien estas líneas firma solo le cabe un deseo : la próxima publicación, sin prisa pero sin pausa, del resto de volúmenes de la colección." (Álvaro Cancela Cilleruelo, in: Archivium Latinitatis Medii Aevi, Tome 75, 2017, p. 474



Emanuela Colombi is Professor at the University of Udine, where she teaches History of Christianism. Her research interests are wide and include Iuvencus Presbyter, martyrs of the early christian church, the transmission of Patristic texts from the East to the West of the Mediterranean throughout the Middle Ages.

Caterina Mordeglia is Assistant Professor of Latin Language and Literature at the University of Trento. Her main research interests concern classical fables and drama, and their tradition throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Marta M. M. Romano is an independent researcher, specialized in both Philosophy and Medieval Latin Philology.


Traditio Patrum 1, - Scriptores Hispaniae is a collective work, consisting of about thirty papers focusing on the history of Late Antique and Medieval manuscript transmission of Iberian patristic texts. It opens up a new series entitled Traditio Patrum, focused on the textual transmission of the Early Church Fathers in the Western medieval world

The TraPat series will follow a planned subdivision by geographical area, except for the volume dedicated to the Latin Ante-Nicene Fathers (and those devoted to Latin translations of the Greek Fathers) which will follow a chronological order. The classification system will conform to the Clavis Patrum Latinorum and the Clavis Patrum Graecorum. The goal of this editorial project is twofold: on the one hand to investigate the textual transmission of single authors and works, highlighting specific features and the many aspects that still need further investigation; on the other hand, to make it possible to verify if the textual transmission of Latin patristic texts may obey still identifiable constants, and which they can be (e.g. the literary genre, the personality of the author, a specific historical moment, a field of theological thought etc). In this respect, the geographical area of origin could be an interesting constant to be verified. For the volume dedicated to the Iberian Fathers, it seems to be possible to pinpoint some characteristic features, most notably the tendency to pseudoepigraphy and pseudo-attribution by the manuscript tradition. Each of these features creates a framework for further methodological reflections.