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Brepols offers over 2,100 eBooks across a wide range of subject areas hosted on Our aim, as far as possible, is to make the online content available at the same time as the printed book. We are also pleased to offer eBooks in fields where the focus has until recently been on printed volumes, such as Archaeology. 

By choosing Brepols’ eBook Collections, your library benefits from online access to the complete catalogue of eBooks. 

Four Collections available in Archive/Backlist/Frontlist (up till 2022):

- Complete Collection (all eBooks)

- Miscellanea Collection (all miscellany volumes, i.e. essay collections)

- Medieval Collection (all books in Medieval Studies, essay collections and monographs)

- Medieval Miscellanea Collection (all miscellany volumes in Medieval Studies)

NEW: Thematic Collections (up till 2018):

Apart from entire eBook Collections, Brepols also offers interesting Thematic Collections:

- Collection Religion & Theology

- Collection Renaissance & Early Modern Studies

- Collection Philosophy

- Collection Classics

- Collection History of Science

Flexible Pick-and-Choose options:

Libraries that prefer more selective eBook purchases should explore the following options:

- Single Titles

- Complete Book Series

Your benefits:

- Perpetual access rights

- No download restrictions

- Concurrent, multi-user access

- COUNTER-compliant statistics

- MARC and KBART files available

Download the title list 



Brepols’ journal portfolio comprises over sixty journals across a wide range of subject areas hosted on Six journals are available in full Open Access, and the online archive of another five journals is available in Free Access with moving wall. To a large extent, our journals are available in Print & Online, as well as Online Only. For most of our journals we also offer the online archives for purchase at an affordable price. 

Key Features:

- All active journals available as yearly subscription

- The subscription price for Print is identical to Print & Online for all journals

- A subscription includes access to the 10 most recent years

- Complete online archives are available as one-off purchase

- Subscriptions to Journal Bundles provide a discount compared to the indvidual subscription prices, and includes online access to the full archive

Available Bundles:

- NEW: Bundle Classical Studies (BCS)

- Bundle Burgundy & Medieval Low Countries (BBMLC)

- Bundle History of Science (BHS)

- Bundle Medieval Studies 1 (BMS1)

- Bundle Medieval Studies 2 (BMS 2)

- Bundle Religious Studies (BRS)

- Bundle Romance Languages & Literature (BRLL)

Download the 2022 Journals Price List (PDF) 

Subscribers benefit from:

- Perpetual access rights

- No download restrictions

- Concurrent, multi-user access

- COUNTER-compliant statistics

- MARC and KBART files available

Special offer

Purchase the complete online archive (2007-2016) of the journal Annali di scienze religiose at 50% off until 31 December 2022. ASR, published in collaboration with the Department of Religious Studies at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, applies a multidisciplinary approach to religious phenomena and focuses on the three monotheistic religions, and religions of the ancient Mediterranean world.


With the launch of Centaurus. Journal of the European Society for the History of Science in a fair and sustainable Subscribre-to-Open publishing model, Brepols aims to strengthen its ambition as an Open Access publisher. Brepols invites the library community to participate in this equitable publishing model. Contact us at



For more than 25 years, Brepols has been developing high-value databases in the field of Humanities. These databases are hosted on a platform called BREPOLiS.

More information on these databases, including detailed leaflets, Powerpoint presentations, short videos, and content updates, is available on

Did you know that...

- All our databases are regularly updated 

- A variety of licence types are available (Standard, Campus-Wide, based on JISC banding (UK), or Carnegie Classification (USA)) 

- A 30-day trial period is available for institutional users

- New subscribers benefit from a deep discount on a one-year trial (only valid for institutions that have not held an online subscription to the database in the last five years)

- A tailor-made webinar can be requested