2022 eBook Collections now complete

We are pleased to let you know that our 2022 eBook Collections are now complete. 

  • BrepolsOnline Complete 2022: 131 titles
  • BrepolsOnline Miscellanies 2022: 81 titles
  • BrepolsOnline Medieval Complete 2022: 73 titles
  • BrepolsOnline Medieval Miscellanies 2022: 47 titles


We remind you that our eBooks can be purchased as complete Collections, including a significant collection discount, or title-by-title.  eBook titles published from today onwards, will be added to our 2023 Collections. 

We also invite you to discover our carefully curated Thematic Collections including all relevant titles up till 2020 in the following research areas: Classics, Philosophy, Religion & Theology, Renaissance & Early Modern Studies, and History of Science.

Please contact our customer care department for a price quotation: online@brepols.net