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Corpus Christianorum
Magister Thadeus civis Neapolitanus
Excidii Aconis gestorum collectio; Ystoria de desolatione et conculcatione civitatis Acconensis et tocius terre sancte

R. B.C. Huygens (ed.)
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225 p., 1 b/w ill. + 4 colour ill., 155 x 245 mm, 2004
ISBN: 978-2-503-05029-4
Languages: Latin, English
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The fall of Acre in May 1291 marked the end of Crusader domination in the Holy Land. The two main Latin sources, both written within months of the catastrophe, are the anonymous Excidium Aconis and the Ystoria de desolatione et conculcatione civitatis Acconensis et tocius terre sancte written by a certain magister Thadeus of Naples. The first text was edited by dom Martène in 1724, the second by Paul Riant in 1873. For several reasons both editions were hard to use, unreliable, and in urgent need of being made more easily available. In the present edition the texts have been reedited on a significantly enlarged manuscript basis and with full critical apparatuses, notes and indices.


« The new editions are thorough and match the high professional standard we have come to expect from this editor, and Huygens has provided a useful introduction […] and has succeeded in identifying numerous quotations, or allusions to, earlier authors. »

(Peter Edbury, in: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 56 (2005), p. 581)

« This is a magnificent and long-overdue addition to the body of edited crusade texts, and no scholar of the thirteenth-century Latin East, the crusades, or the military orders will want to be without it. »

(Paul Crawford, in: Speculum, 81 (2006), p. 208)

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Corpus Christianorum
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