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La Librairie des Ducs de Bourgogne - CD

Series Editor: Bernard Bousmanne
Publishing Manager: Chris VandenBorre
Imprint: BREPOLiS (online)

This book series no longer accepts new proposals


La Bibliothèque des Ducs de Bourgogne focuses on 270 extant codices from the original collection that are still held in the Manuscripts Department of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek / Bibliothèque royale in Brussels. For each manuscript every miniature (illustration, marginal decoration, historiated initial etc.) and a large number of the key folios of the text (incipit, explicit, colophon, prologue, table of contents etc.) are available. The number of images is estimated to be more than 7000. Each image is linked to a detailed manuscript description and an index, using today’s analytical methods.