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Corpus Christianorum

Corpus Christianorum Latin Lexicographical Series

Series Editor: CTLO
Publishing Manager: Bart Janssens
Imprint: Corpus Christianorum

Patristics, Fathers of the Church, Latin Christian literature, Linguistics, Lexicography, Medieval Christial literature, Ecclesiastical latin, Medieval latin


The Thesaurus Patrum Latinorum has been compiled by means of systematic computerprocessing of the writings of the Latin Fathers of the Church and the works of the Middle Ages. It contains texts edited both in and outside the framework of Corpus Christianorum. Part of the information is printed while the other part is on microfiche. Series A volumes contain formae alone, whereas Series A-B volumes contain formae and lemmata, and Series B volumes lemmata only. Series A volumes consist of a printed Enumeratio formarum, an Index formarum a tergo ordinatarum, either printed or on microfiche, and a Concordantia formarum on microfiche. Series A-B volumes contain an Enumeratio lemmatum, a Concordantia lemmatum et formarum, an Index formarum et lemmatum, an Index lemmatum a tergo ordinatorum, and a Tabula frequentiarum.

The Supplementum to the Thesaurus Patrum Latinorum has been compiled by means of systematic computer processing of the writings of Latin writings with a specific character and published outside the framework of Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina or Continuatio Mediaevalis.