Book Series Art History (Outside a Series)

Paul Bril e la pittura di paesaggio a Roma 1580-1630

Francesca Cappelletti

  • Pages: 380 p.
  • Size:255 x 285 mm
  • Illustrations:194 b/w, 153 col.
  • Language(s):Italian
  • Publication Year:2006

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  • ISBN: 978-88-7003-040-2
  • Hardback
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The Paul Bril commented catalogue is the ultimate result of a long, arduous work. It represents the first contemporary definition of this Flemish painter's works of art, including an evaluation of his frescos, a systematic chronological order of his paintings and a visual gallery, along with the artist's profile and a definition of his personality.

- Introduction - Essay, with 6 chapters containing 153 coloured and b/w illustrations

I. Paul Bril, nordic painters and landscape painting in Rome 1580-1630.

II. Landscape painting at the time of Gregorio XIII and beginning of Matthijs and Paul Bril careers.

III. Paul Bril activity and contacts with artistic world in Rome.

IV. The Seventeenth-Century. Paul Bril, topographical and hermit landscape.

V. First and second decade. The maturity of the painter.

VI. Collections of landscape paintings in Rome.

- 13 coloured plates - Catalogue of the paintings with 193 bibliographical descriptions and 254 b/w illustrations.

- Appendix.

- Bibliography.

- Index of names and places.