Database Aristoteles Latinus Database - CD , vol. 1


Aristoteles Latinus Database

Release 1

  • Size:0 x 0 mm
  • Language(s):Latin
  • Publication Year:2003

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-51110-8
  • CD ROM
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The complete corpus of medieval translations of the works of Aristotle. These texts constituted the main tools for the study of science and philosophy in the Middle Ages.


"(...) sottolineare l'importanza di questo Cd-Rom che si impone come instrumento essenziale tanto per gli studi sul lessico della media latinità, quanto per ricerche sulla formazione del lessico filosofico e scientifico moderno." (Tullio Gregory, in: Il Sole - 24 Ore, 24 Agosto 2003, N. 231, p. 26)


The complete corpus of medieval translations of the works of Aristotle This database contains, first of all, those texts that have been critically edited in the printed Aristoteles Latinus series. Other corpora complete the database, whether editions that have already been published or ones in preparation or unpublished, to produce the finished Aristoteles Latinus.

The particular benefit of this electronic edition lies in the fact that it provides an integrated database of all the medieval translations of Aristotle's work. The electronic database is not identical to the printed edition, as it omits the prefaces describing the manuscript tradition; nor does it include the apparatus of variant readings, the Greek-Latin comparative apparatus, or the bilingual indexes of the printed version.

The texts included are prepared and supervised by the Aristoteles Latinus Centre of the Catholic University of Leuven, and produced in collaboration with the CTLO. The aim is to provide the academic world a scholarly product of the highest quality.

L'ensemble des traductions médiévales des oeuvres d'Aristote. Cette banque de données contiendra d'abord les textes ayant déjà fait l'objet d'une édition critique dans la collection imprimée "Aristoteles Latinus". D'autres corpus, publiés ou inédits seront ajoutés à ceux de la collection afin de compléter la base. Les textes inclus dans le CD Rom sont préparés et supervisés par le Centre Aristotels Latinus de la Katholieke Univeristeit Leuven et seront établis en collaboration avec le Centre " Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium ".