Book Series Corpus Christianorum Series Latina , vol. 69A

Potamius Olisponensis

Altercatio Ecclesiae et Synagogae; Opera omnia

J.N. Hillgarth, M. Conti (eds)

  • Pages: 277 p.
  • Size:155 x 245 mm
  • Language(s):Latin
  • Publication Year:1999

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  • ISBN: 978-2-503-00694-9
  • Paperback
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This nex edition takes into consideration, for the first time, all the available manuscripts of Potamius in order to offer to the reader e reliable and complete critical text, whereas the previous editions presented a text based only on a part of the manuscripts, and very often on a quite limited number of them. For the "De Lazaro", which has been transmitted in two different versions, this edition provides a text through the collation of the two versions together with a synopsis in which the texts of the two versions are represented in parallel. The recent discovery of two new manuscripts of the "Epistula de substantia Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti" did give the possibility of emending certain very obscure passages of this extremely important work in the corpus of Potamius. In order to discuss the main questions concerning the life and the works of Potamius, a detailed description of the textual tradition, a biographical introduction and an analysis of his literary style have been added. Finally, since the Latin of Potamius is extremely onvolved and often obscure, each text has been provided with a facing English translation. Born in Italy in 1961, Marco Conti is a Research Fellow in Patristics at the Department of Theology of the University of Durham. He was awarded a PhD in Classics at the University of Leeds in 1996 with a thesis on Potamius of Lisbon, which has been published by Brepols in the series "Instrumenta Patristica". At the moment he is preparing a new edition of Priscillian of Avila for the Corpus Christianorum, and is about to publish, in collaboration with Professor Andrex Louth, a commentary on Genesis for the series "Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture".