Highlights in Music & Theatre History

On the occasion of the Meeting of the Music Library Association and the Theatre Library Association, March 1-5, 2023 (St. Louis, Missouri), we are pleased to provide you with a nice selection of music and theatre titles published between 2020 and today. 

Discover a wide range of Book Series such as Speculum musicae, Studies on Italian Music History, Epitome musical, Contemporary Composers, Acta Brookiana, and Music, Science and Technology.

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Financing Music in Europe

Etienne Jardin (ed)

SMUS 47|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60289-9
€ 125,00 EXCL. VAT SMUS 47|2022
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British Royal Weddings: From the Stuarts to the Early Twentieth Century

Matthias Range
STM|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59696-9
€ 100,00 EXCL. VAT STM|2022
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A Cultural History of La Scala in the Risorgimento (1814-1848)

Raffaella Bianchi
SML 16|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60244-8
€ 120,00 EXCL. VAT SML 16|2022
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Manuscripts, Music, Machaut: Essays in Honor of Lawrence Earp

Jared C. Hartt, Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel, Benjamin Albritton (eds)

EM|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60299-8
€ 90,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2022
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The Way of the Moderns

Six Perspectives on Modernism in Music

Antoni Piza (ed)

AB 1|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59773-7
€ 80,00 EXCL. VAT AB 1|2022
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JAF 14/2 Journal of the Alamire Foundation, 2022

Rhythm in the Arts in the Late Middle Ages I
JAF 14/2|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59869-7
€ 33,50 EXCL. VAT JAF 14/2|2022
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Musical Images at the Court of Alfonso I d'Este

Patronage and Self-Representation in Early Sixteenth-Century Ferrara Gaia Prignano
MVC 8|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59998-4
€ 90,00 EXCL. VAT MVC 8|2022
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La société du tambourin. Une histoire sociale de la musique à danser en Pays Basque (XVIIe-XXIe s.)

Xabier Itçaina
EM|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60184-7
€ 60,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2022
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I Don’t Belong Anywhere: György Ligeti at 100

Wolfgang Marx (ed)

CONCOM 4|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60240-0
€ 110,00 EXCL. VAT CONCOM 4|2022
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Venice, Schiavoni and the Dissemination of Early Modern Music: A Companion to Ivan Lukačić

Ennio Stipčević, Vito Balić, Vincent Besson (eds)

EM|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60195-3
€ 60,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2022
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Music and Science from Leonardo to Galileo

Rudolf Rasch (ed)

MSCTE 5|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60080-2
€ 120,00 EXCL. VAT MSCTE 5|2022
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Music in the Disruptive Era

David Hurwitz, Pedro Ordoñez Eslava (eds)

MSCTE 4|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60079-6
€ 110,00 EXCL. VAT MSCTE 4|2022
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Popular Song in the 19th Century

Derek B. Scott (ed)

SMUS 46|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-60078-9
€ 110,00 EXCL. VAT SMUS 46|2022
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Reimagining the Ballet des Porcelaines

A Tale of Magic, Desire, and Exotic Entanglement

Meredith Martin (ed)

HMSTAH|2022 ISBN: 978-1-912554-81-2
€ 75,00 EXCL. VAT HMSTAH|2022
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JAF 14/1 Journal of the Alamire Foundation, 2022

L'homme armé II
JAF 14/1|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59868-0
€ 33,50 EXCL. VAT JAF 14/1|2022
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Hobrecht and His Singers

Robert Nosow
EM|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59702-7
€ 55,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2022
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Stravinsky and the Musical Body

Creative Process and Meaning Massimiliano Locanto
SMUS 45|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59778-2
€ 135,00 EXCL. VAT SMUS 45|2022
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Christophe Ballard, imprimeur-libraire en musique sous Louis XIV

Avec un inventaire des éditions des Ballard de 1672 à 1715 Laurent Guillo
EM|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59989-2
€ 85,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2022
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Mapping Artistic Networks: Eighteenth-Century Italian Theatre and Opera Across Europe

Tatiana Korneeva (ed)

HPP 5|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-58495-9
€ 125,00 EXCL. VAT HPP 5|2022
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La Musique religieuse en France au XIXe siècle

Le sentiment religieux entre profane et sacré (1830-1914)

Nicolas Dufetel (ed)

SMUS 44|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59777-5
€ 150,00 EXCL. VAT SMUS 44|2022
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Theatres of Belief: Music and Conversion in the Early Modern City

Marie-Alexis Colin, Iain Fenlon, Matthew Laube (eds)

EM|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59887-1
€ 55,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2022
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La musique en Hainaut aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles

Fañch Thoraval, Brigitte Van Wymeersch (eds)

EM|2022 ISBN: 978-2-503-59834-5
€ 125,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2022
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The Medieval Dominicans

Books, Buildings, Music, and Liturgy

Eleanor Giraud, Christian Leitmeir (eds)

MMS 7|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-56903-1
€ 100,00 EXCL. VAT MMS 7|2021
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Performing Arts and Technical Issues

Roberto Illiano (ed)

MES 4|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59739-3
€ 135,00 EXCL. VAT MES 4|2021
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Through the Bone and Marrow

Re-examining Theological Encounters with Dance in Medieval Europe Laura Hellsten
STT 45|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59496-5
€ 75,00 EXCL. VAT STT 45|2021
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Paraulas de vertat e de profiech

Edizione del canzoniere di Guilhem de l’Olivier d'Arles Gerardo Larghi
PAIEO 13|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59448-4
€ 81,00 EXCL. VAT PAIEO 13|2021
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Music in Schools from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age

Paola Dessì (ed)

EM|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59889-5
€ 55,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2021
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La musique dodécaphonique et sérielle: une nouvelle histoire

Franck Jedrzejewski
MSCTE 3|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59486-6
€ 130,00 EXCL. VAT MSCTE 3|2021
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Poésie et musique à l’âge de l’Ars subtilior

Autour du manuscrit Torino, BNU, J.II.9

Gisèle Clément, Isabelle Fabre, Gilles Polizzi, Fanch Thoraval (eds)

EM|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59621-1
€ 55,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2021
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Music Patronage in Italy

Galliano Ciliberti (ed)

SML 15|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59544-3
€ 125,00 EXCL. VAT SML 15|2021
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Selling Pianos with Pictures

Commercial Art and Keyboard Instruments from the Eighteenth Century to the 1920s Michael Saffle
MVC 4|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58357-0
€ 70,00 EXCL. VAT MVC 4|2021
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Aurelianus Reomensis

Aurélien de Réome, Musica disciplina

Christian Meyer, Shin Nishimagi (eds)

EM|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59663-1
€ 55,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2021
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Singing Speech and Speaking Melodies

Minor Forms of Musical Theatre in the 18th and 19th Century

María Encina Cortizo, Michela Niccolai (eds)

SMUS 43|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59543-6
€ 135,00 EXCL. VAT SMUS 43|2021
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Storia della lauda

Secoli XIII-XVI Matteo Leonardi
EM|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59627-3
€ 55,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2021
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Poetry, Art, and Music in Guillaume de Machaut’s Earliest Manuscript (BnF fr. 1586)

Lawrence M. Earp, Jared C. Hartt (eds)

EM|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58691-5
€ 85,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2021
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La musicalité des images au Moyen Âge

Instruments, voix et corps sonores dans les manuscrits enluminés (XIIIe-XIVe siècles) Martine Clouzot
EM|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58855-1
€ 75,00 EXCL. VAT EM|2021
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Collections de Normandie, Bibliothèque nationale de France et bibliothèques parisiennes

Christian Meyer
CMN 7|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59338-8
€ 95,00 EXCL. VAT CMN 7|2021
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From Gypsy to Bohemian: A Study of the Musical Rhapsody

Anna G. Piotrowska
SMUS 41|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59487-3
€ 115,00 EXCL. VAT SMUS 41|2021
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Haydn’s Last Creative Period

Federico Gon (ed)

SMUS 42|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59488-0
€ 110,00 EXCL. VAT SMUS 42|2021
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Harmony in Bright Colors. Memling’s God the Father with Singing and Music-Making Angels Restored

Lizet Klaassen, Dieter Lampens (eds)

MEF 12|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58028-9
€ 100,00 EXCL. VAT MEF 12|2021
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Jean-Yves Hameline

Sur le culte divin et la musique

Écrits rassemblés

Achille Davy-Rigaux (ed)

ELSEM 4|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58342-6
€ 110,00 EXCL. VAT ELSEM 4|2021
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Luigi Cherubini, A Multifaceted Composer at the Turn of the 19th Century

Massimiliano Sala (ed)

SML 14|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59100-1
€ 120,00 EXCL. VAT SML 14|2021
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With a Grace Not to Be Captured: Representing the Georgian Theatrical Dancer, 1760-1830

Michael Burden, Jennifer Thorp (eds)

MVC 3|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58356-3
€ 75,00 EXCL. VAT MVC 3|2021
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Princely Funerals in Europe, 1400-1700

Commemoration, Diplomacy, and Political Propaganda

Monique Chatenet, Murielle Gaude-Ferragu, Gérard Sabatier (eds)

EFS|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58743-1
€ 90,00 EXCL. VAT EFS|2021
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Charles V, Prince Philip, and the Politics of Succession

Imperial Festivities in Mons and Hainault, 1549

Margaret McGowan, Margaret Shewring (eds)

EFS|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58615-1
€ 100,00 EXCL. VAT EFS|2021
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Akakios Chalkeopulos

Der Traktat des Akakios Chalkeopulos zum Byzantinischen Kirchengesang

Gerda Wolfram, Christian Troelsgard (eds)

CSRM 6|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58970-1
€ 45,00 EXCL. VAT CSRM 6|2021
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Ars Antiqua, Music and Culture in Europe c. 1150-1330

Gregorio Bevilacqua, Thomas Payne (eds)

SMUS 40|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-59099-8
€ 110,00 EXCL. VAT SMUS 40|2021
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L’air italien sur la scène des théâtres parisiens (1687-1715)

Barbara Nestola
HPP 3|2021 ISBN: 978-2-503-58363-1
€ 75,00 EXCL. VAT HPP 3|2021
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Court Festivals of the Holy Roman Empire, 1555–1619

Performing German Identity R.L.M. Morris
EFS|2020 ISBN: 978-2-503-58329-7
€ 85,00 EXCL. VAT EFS|2020
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The Wedding of Charles I and Henrietta Maria, 1625

Celebrations and Controversy

Marie-Claude Canova-Green, Sara Wolfson (eds)

EFS|2020 ISBN: 978-2-503-58532-1
€ 105,00 EXCL. VAT EFS|2020
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Triumphal Entries and Festivals in Early Modern Scotland

Performing Spaces Giovanna Guidicini
EFS|2020 ISBN: 978-2-503-58541-3
€ 95,00 EXCL. VAT EFS|2020
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Rossini after Rossini

Musical and Social Legacy

Arnold Jacobshagen (ed)

SML 13|2020 ISBN: 978-2-503-58820-9
€ 120,00 EXCL. VAT SML 13|2020
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Festival and Violence

Princely Entries in the Context of War, 1480-1635 Margaret McGowan
EFS|2019 ISBN: 978-2-503-58333-4
€ 95,00 EXCL. VAT EFS|2019
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European Medieval Drama 26 (2022)

EMD 26|2023 ISBN: 978-2-503-59748-5
€ 90,00 EXCL. VAT EMD 26|2023
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