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Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism

T. Cascudo (ed.)
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approx. 552 p., 220 x 280 mm, 2017
ISBN: 978-2-503-57497-4
Languages: English, French, Italian
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This volume reflect the growing importance of music criticism and the press in the long 19th century
The “long nineteenth century” encompasses what has been described by some authors as “newspaper civilization”. Music was fundamental for many men and women who lived during that century. Not surprisingly, at this time, music was a common theme in the press. On the one hand, news, chronicles and criticism played a central part in the musical market, since the success of that market was predicated on the dissemination of information about performers, musical events and new repertoires. On the other hand, as we have observed, the prominence of music opened the door to new types of critical reflection in longer essays. Writings about music in those years were the result of artistic aspirations and preferences; the same writings also present evidence of prejudices and modes of perception marked by specific ideological issues. This volume collects twenty-two articles that address these issues, focusing on case studies in Europe and America. The collection reflects the growing importance of music criticism in particular and the press in general as objects of study for contemporary musicology.
Teresa Cascudo is Professor of Music at the Universidad de La Rioja. She collaborates with the Center of the Interdishiplinaries Studies of the 20th Century at the University of Coimbra and a researcher member of the Institute of Etnomusicology, Music and Dance of the Universidade Nova of Lisboa. She is particularly interested in musical criticism and he directed the research group on Music and Press of the Spanish Musicological Society.

“The heterogeneity and sheer variety of the approaches and subjects contained in this volume, as well as the quality of the scholarship throughout, provide a stimulus to increase and develop the study of Nineteenth-Century music criticism. The work represents a valuable advance in the construction and consolidation of the field, promising soon to become one of its most important bibliographic references.” (Marica Bottaro, in Transposition: Musique et Sciences Sociales, 7, 2018)

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