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Romance Philology (RPH 63/1)

Romance Philology 63/1 (Spring 2009)
Special Issue: Romania Mediterranea II

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II+193 p., 160 x 240 mm, 2010
ISBN: 978-2-503-53622-4
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian
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Special Issue:  Romania Mediterranea II


Filippo Andrei, Alberto di Aachen e la Chanson de Jérusalem

Gerrit Bos, Guido Mensching, Julia Zwink, A Late Medieval Hebrew-French Glossary of Biblical Animal Names

Kenneth Brown, Mariano Gómez Aranda, More Spanish Poems and Fragments in Hebrew aljamiado

Federico Corriente, The kharjas: An Updated Survey of Theories, Texts, and Their Interpretation

Salvador López Quero, El juego polisémico en la medicina y farmacopea medievales del Cancionero de Baena

Rosa Ronzitti, L’etimologia di latino strix fra indoeuropeistica e romanistica

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Modern (Indo-European) Languages & Literatures
Romance languages

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