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Constructing Nations, Reconstructing Myth
Essays in Honour of T. A. Shippey

A. Wawn (ed.)
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XVIII+383 p., 2 b/w ill. + 2 colour ill., 4 b/w line art, 160 x 240 mm, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-503-52393-4
Languages: English
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This collection of essays examines the 'Grimmian Revolution', the paradigm shift in the humanities that came with the publication of Jacob Grimm’s Deutsche Grammatik. In doing so, they honour T.A. Shippey, who has been a leading figure in reconsidering the contributions of the Old Philology and its impact on the humanities, particularly the rediscovery of the ancient languages and literatures of Northern Europe; the role this has played in the creation of national and regional identities; the attempts to extend the methods of comparative philology to comparative mythology; and the collection of folktales, folk-ballads, and the development of folkloristics. The sixteen essays in this collection focus on the impact made by nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century philology in the fields of medieval studies and language studies, and in the construction of Northern European national identities, mythologies, and folklore.

"Both materially and intellectually it is a substantial volume, well worth the interest of scholars of the history of philology and those concerned with the role of medievalism in the creation of national myth." (E. Christie, in: The Medieval Review, 08.11.08)
Interest Classification:
Medieval & Modern (Indo-European) Languages & Literatures
Germanic langs & lits (other than English)
North Germanic/Scandinavian languages & literatures
English language & literature
Old English language & literature
Comparative & cultural studies through literature
Cultural studies (general & theoretical)

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