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Under the Influence. The Concept of Influence and the Study of Illuminated Manuscripts

A. Bovey, J. Lowden (eds.)
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XIII+234 p., 200 b/w ill. + 50 colour ill. + + ills., 210 x 270 mm, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-503-51504-5
Languages: English
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Lawrence Nees, Godescalc's Career and the Problems of 'Influence' - William Diebold, The Anxiety of Influence in Early Medieval Art - Helen C. Evans, Pseudo-Bonaventura on the Euphrates - Donal Cooper, Franciscan Art and Mendicant Manuscript Illumination in Italy: A Reconsideration of Iconographic Primacy - Robert Gibbs, 'Sober as a Judge': The Influence of Bolognese Law Manuscripts on Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Allegory of Justice in the Good Commune - Lucy Freeman Sandler, Illuminated in the British Isles: French Influence and/or the Englishness of English Art, 1285-1385 - T. A. Heslop, Authority and Imagination in the Illustration of Terence's Comedies - Patricia Stirnemann & Anne Ritz-Guilbert, Cultural Confrontations - Ursula Weekes, The Interplay between Prints and Illuminated Manuscripts in Brigittine Convents of the Low Countries during the 16th Century - Scot McKendrick, Between Flanders and Normandy: A Case of Influence within Collaboration between Flemish and Norman Miniaturists? - Rowan Watson, Fit for a King? The Alfonso of Aragon Hours and Baronial Patronage in Late 15th-century Naples - John Lowden, Under the Influence of the Bibles Moralisées - Cecily Hennessy, The Lincoln Typikon: The Influences of Church and Family - Justine Andrews,  Crossing Boundaries: Byzantine and Western Influences in a 14th-century Illustrated Commentary on Job - Dei Jackson, A Work Like No Other: Alfonso X's Cantigas de Santa Maria - Kirstin Kennedy, Evidence for the Islamic Source behind the Miniatures in Alfonso X of Castile's 1283 Libro de Ajedrez, dados y tables - David Ganz, Problems of Influence in the Utrecht Psalter

Interest Classification:
Book History, Manuscript Studies & Palaeography
Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Medieval painting

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