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Christianizing Peoples and Converting Individuals

G. Armstrong, I. N. Wood (eds.)
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X+352 p., incl. 34 b/w ills., 156 x 234 mm, 2001
ISBN: 978-2-503-51087-3
Languages: English
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The selected essays in this volume deal with the subject of conversion across the full chronological, geographical and religious expanse of medieval Europe and central Asia.

The special theme of the 1997 International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds produced more than one hundred contributions. The special strand organiser, Prof. Ian Wood, selected and solicited twenty-eight papers in order to produce this most comprehensive treatment on the subject of conversion across the full chronological, geographical and religious expanse of medieval Europe and central Asia. 

The contributions comprise: 
J. M. Bak; Signs of conversion in laws 
R. Berman Brown and S. McCartney; Living in limbo: the experience of Jewish converts in medieval England 
M. Casey; Conversion as depicted on the fourteenth-century Tring tiles 
W. von Egmond; Converting monks: missionary activity in early medieval Frisia and Saxony 
U. Engel; The "conversion" of King John and its consequences for the architectural history of Worcester cathedral 
M. Evans; Marriage as a means of conversion in Pierre Duboiss De Recuperatione Terre Sancte 
M.-L. Favreau-Lilie; The conversion of the Finns - a reappraisal of the archaeological record 
A.-S. Gräslund; New perspectives on an old problem: Uppsala and the Christianization of Sweden 
Z. Hunyadi; Signs and symbols of conversion, I. The written sources: Charters 
H. Janson; Adam of Bremen and the conversion of Scandinavia Anna Kuznetsova, Signs of conversion in Vitae sanctorum 
D. Mowbray; "Conversio ad bonum commutabile": Augustinian language of "conversion" in medieval theology 
B. Nilsson; Early Christian burials in Sweden 
T. S. Noonan; Why orthodoxy did not spread among the Bulgars of the Crimea during the early medieval era: an early Byzantine conversion model 
P. O'Brien; Platonism and Plagiarism at the end of the Middle Ages 
W. Pohl; Deliberate ambiguity: the Lombards and Christianity 
P. Quinn; Aquinas, the intellect and divine enlightenment 
B. Ravid; The forced baptism of Jews in medieval England


"This is a stimulating and absorbing volume!"     (C. M. Cusack in Parergon, p.253-254)

Interest Classification:
Religion (including History of Religion) & Theology
Christian devotion & forms of religious expression
Mission, conversion & baptism
Christian Church : Institutional History
Western Church (general)
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : main subdisciplines
Religious history

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