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Corpus Christianorum
Gerardus Magnus
Opera omnia I
1. Prolegomena, 2. Contra turrim Traiectensem

R.T. M. van Dijk, R.H.F. Hofman (eds.)
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817 p., 2 b/w ill., 155 x 245 mm, 2003
ISBN: 978-2-503-04921-2
Languages: Latin, German
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Volume 192 of the CC CM series is devoted to Geert Grote or Gerardus Magnus, the founder of the Deuotio Moderna, a religious reform movement which was widely influential in the Low Countries and beyond towards the end of the Middle Ages and fairly long after that. The volume, Vol. 1 of the subseries Gerardi Magni Opera omnia, opens with a general introduction to the life and works of Grote. This section is followed by a survey and analysis of all extant manuscripts containing works of Grote and by a critical evaluation arranged in the order of Grote’s works, in addition providing information on manuscripts transmitting the individual works and earlier editions. After this Part 1, which is more general in nature, follows Part 2, the critical edition of Grote’s little treatise Contra turrim Traiectensem, a venomous invective in which Grote tries to prevent further building activities having as their aim to enlarge the Dom tower in Utrecht, the tower of the cathedral church of the Dutch diocese.

Table of Contents

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Opus contra magna aedificia superflua ac constitutiones falsas, principaliter contra turrim Traiectensem — ed. R. Hofman

Marginalia — Marginalia ad Gerardi Magni Opus contra magna aedificia superflua ac constitutiones falsas, principaliter contra turrim Traiectensem — ed. R. Hofman


“With the publication of this Prolegomena, Rudolf van Dijk has laid a most solid and indispensable foundation for the publication of Grote’s opera omnia, and with his rigorous and critical methodology he has set the bar very high indeed. Consequently we can look forward with confidence to the continuation and completion of this most laudable and valuable undertaking of the Titus Brandsma Institute.”

(G. H. Gerrits, in: Speculum, 80, 2005, p. 577)

“Such a valuable scientific edition makes the works of the deacon of Deventer more easily accessible and will serve as a reliable starting point for further study.”

(J. Vercruysse, in: Ephemerides theologicae Lovanienses, 80, 2004, p. 554)

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