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Harvey Miller
K. L. Scott, A. E. Nichols, M. T. Orr, L. Dennison
The Bodleian Library, Fascicle I: MSS Additional-Digby

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160 p., incl. 24 ills., 210 x 275 mm, 2000
ISBN: 978-1-872501-15-4
Languages: English
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The first part of the Index of Images catalogues manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and this first fascicle deals with imagery in collections Additional to Digby.

In this new series of fascicles, all images contained in English Late Gothic manuscripts from libraries throughout the world will be catalogued according to a carefully prescribed template, described, classified, indexed and often illustrated. The series will provide a 'pictorial index' to the wide-ranging subject matter illustrated in manuscripts of the period and act as a unique reference tool for students of history, literature, sociology, religion and art. Facscicle 1, the first of three devoted to manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, catalogues more than 360 15th-centure manuscripts. The volume also includes an introductory essay on the project, a detailed glossary of subjects and terms, and exhaustive indexes of (i) Authors and Texts; (ii) Pictorial Subjects and (iii) Manuscripts with Coats of Arms.

«La présentation et le format du livre sont agréables; une table des armoiries permettra d'utiles recoupements et le lecteur espère les conclusions qui pourront être tirées en fin de cette vaste entreprise.»    (C. Van den Bergen-Pantens dans Bulletin Codicologique/Scriptorium, 2000, 6)

For late-medieval English manuscripts the Index of Images in English Manuscripts promises to be an invaluable reference tool, pinpointing where images are to be found and facilitating further research - and just possibly even limiting the need for studying the precious but fragile originals." (L. Freeman Sandler in Speculum, April 2002, p.611-613)

"The publishers ... are to be congratulated on having again espoused a project of such magnitude and importance to English medievalists, and the first volume to be issued bodes well for the future of this important undertaking."  (M. Jones in Journal of the Early Book Society, 4, 2001)

Interest Classification:
Book History, Manuscript Studies & Palaeography
Illumination & illustration of books

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