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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
Music and Theology in the European Reformations
D. Burn, G. R. McDonald, J. Verheyden, P. De Mey (eds.)

A multidisciplinary collection of twenty essays that examine the debates and controversies around music and theology during the period of the European Reformations from both Catholic and various Protestant perspectives.

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Une principauté d’Empire face au Royaume. Le duché de Lorraine sous le règne de Charles II (1390-1431)
C. Rivière Ɨ

La Lorraine sous le règne de Charles II (1390-1431) ou l’affirmation d’un État princier, entre traditions féodales et acculturation à une administration plus centralisée.

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Black Jokes, White Humour. Africans in English Caricature 1769–1819
Temi Odumosu

Winner of the 2019 Book Award of the Historians of British Art

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Women and Credit in Pre-Industrial Europe
E. M. Dermineur (ed.)

Explores a variety of perspectives on women’s participation and experiences in credit markets in early modern Europe.

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Le légendier de Moissac et la culture hagiographique méridionale autour de l’an mil
F. Peloux (ed.)

Ce légendier, le plus grand de son temps, transmet 150 textes dont certains sont très rares. L’étude collective de ce manuscrit permet de réfléchir à la culture hagiographique méridionale depuis le monde wisigothique jusqu’au XIVe siècle.

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Le village de Kafr ʿAqāb. Étude monographique d’un site du ğebel Waṣṭāni (Massif calcaire de la Syrie du Nord). Topographie et architecture
B. Riba

La monographie du village inédit de Kafr ʿAqāb permet d’élargir le champ des recherches à la partie occidentale du Massif calcaire de la Syrie du Nord qui a suscité, jusqu’à récemment, un intérêt limité.

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Visual Histories of the Classical World. Essays in Honour of R.R.R. Smith
C. M. Draycott, R. Raja, K. Welch, W. T. Wootton (eds.)

The papers gathered here consider various aspects of art and architecture in the classical world, engaging directly with R.R.R. Smith’s own research, and at the same time celebrating his enormous contribution to scholarship.

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Art and Experience in Trecento Italy
H. Flora, S. Wilkins (eds.)

The age of Giotto, Dante, and Boccaccio, the fourteenth century in Italy, known as the trecento, was a pivotal moment in art history and in European culture. The studies in this volume present new approaches to art in this important but often neglected period of the early Renaissance.

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Mens immobilis. Recherches sur le corpus latin des actes et des passions d’Afrique romaine (IIe-VIe siècles)
S. Fialon

Depuis les travaux de Paul Monceaux, au début du XXe siècle, le corpus hagiographique africain a évolué : il s’est enrichi de la découverte de nouveaux textes, alors que d’autres documents ont dû être écartés. Une nouvelle synthèse complète sur cette littérature était nécessaire, et c’est donc un corpus mieux circonscrit, composé de trente actes et passions racontant le martyre de chrétiens entre le IIe et la fin du Ve siècle, qui est analysé dans cet ouvrage.

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Crusade Preaching and the Ideal Crusader
M. Tamminen

Presents, for the first time, a study of the crusade model sermons of the thirteenth century as a corpus in its entirety, in order to explore the creation of the ideal crusader in thirteenth-century society.

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Emotion and Medieval Textual Media
M. C. Flannery (ed.)

A collection of essays exploring how medieval theories of emotion and cognition inform the creation and reception of various artefacts, and how attention to a variety of media can reshape the study of medieval emotion.

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Language, Society, and Religion in the World of the Turks. Festschrift for Larry Clark at Seventy-Five
Z. Gulácsi (ed.)

Larry Clark has been a major figure in the study of Turkic languages, Uygur history, and Uygur Manichaeism for the last 40 years.
The occasion of Larry Clark’s Festschrift draws contributions from many of the current leadings scholars in these areas, including former pupils and colleagues. Their essays provide a multi-faceted perspective on late ancient, medieval, and modern Central Eurasia—its languages, as well as its civil and religious institutions, ranging from the Siberian steppe to the Aegean, and from the Han Dynasty’s northern rivals to the Uygurs, Mongols, and Ottomans.

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Savoir/Pouvoir. Les bibliothèques, de l’Antiquité à la modernité
Y. Lehmann (ed.)

Le volume intitulé Savoir/pouvoir. Les bibliothèques, de l’Antiquité à la modernité se présente comme un ouvrage construit – résultat d’une enquête plurielle qui s’attache à examiner un phénomène majeur de culture et de civilisation : l’essor des bibliothèques en Orient comme en Occident, depuis les origines jusqu’à nos jours.

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Mathematical Instruments in the Collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
A. Turner

The primary aim of this catalogue of scientific instruments in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France is to make them available, through detailed descriptions and ample photographs, to all who concern themselves with the development of mathematical instrumentation.

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Van Dyck's Hosts in Genoa: Lucas and Cornelis de Wael's Lives, Business Activities and Works
A. Stoesser

Reviewed in The Burlington

"(...) scholars will benefit from Stoesser’s exacting analysis of precisely how artists navigated the commercial and creative aspects of marketing their works to clients – especially in Genoa – during the first half of the seicento. Few other authors go to the effort of explaining the foundations of artistic practice on a commercial level, to outline the main tenets of the theoretical discourse that subsumed the creation of many of these works, or of reviewing arcane source material (the reader learns, for example, that it took over one hundred different motions to load a musket, information cited to substantiate the accuracy of details in Cornelis’s military works)."

Timothy Standring, in: The Burlington Magazine, February 2019

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