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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
Religion and Material Culture: Studying Religion and Religious Elements on the Basis of Objects, Architecture, and Space
L. Bredholt, J. Tae Jensen (eds)

This book gathers specialists from a variety of fields to explore the possibilities of the material perspective in the study of religion.

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La culture matérielle : un objet en question
L. Bourgeois, D. Alexandre-Bidon, L. Feller, P. Mane, C. Verna, M. Wilmart (eds)

Principalement centrées sur la période médiévale, les contributions rassemblées dans ce volume font dialoguer archéologues, anthropologues, historiens et géographes pour dresser l’historiographie de la notion de culture matérielle à l’échelle européenne et proposer une série d’études de cas illustrant la « vie des objets » à partir de sources et de terrains variés.

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La Bible de 1500 à 1535
G. Dahan, A. Noblesse-Rocher (éd.)

La période qui s’étend de 1500 à 1535 est d’une fécondité extraordinaire dans l’histoire du texte biblique. L’imprimerie permet la multiplication et la diffusion rapide des livres, l’humanisme favorise la connaissance des langues anciennes, particulièrement de l’hébreu et du grec, la Réforme naissante promeut une culture biblique populaire qui passe par des versions vernaculaires, dont Luther donne l’exemple.

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John Williams. Music for Films, Television, and the Concert Stage
E. Audissino (ed.)

This volume is a large exploration of the many sides of Williams's output.

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Performing Emotions in Early Europe
MaP. Maddern †, J. McEwan, A. M. Scott (eds)

New perspectives on the performance of pre-modern emotions from international experts.

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L'énigme d'une dynastie sainte et usurpatrice dans le royaume chrétien d'Ethiopie, XIe-XIIIe siècle
M.-L. Derat

Qui sont ces rois éthiopiens, à la fois saints et usurpateurs, qui ont gouverné l'Éthiopie entre les XIe et XIIIe siècle ?

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Talent / maltalent. La culture des émotions au seuil de la littérature française
B. Grigoriu

Face au manuscrit roman médiéval, face à l'œuvre francophone qui s'en dégage en quittant sa peau latine, il est loisible de rendre son droit de cité à l’émotion : même si les humains qui ont façonné les premiers émotifs français sont morts depuis des siècles, même si les sciences humaines s’entraînent à les enterrer scientifiquement, il reste une place pour le vécu fictionnel, et ce vécu est riche en vies possibles ; il suffit d’interroger le mode d’emploi des affects, tel qu’il se dégage de chacun de ces récits fondateurs.

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Hearing the City in Early Modern Europe
T. Knighton, A. Mazuela-Anguita (eds)

A major new contribution to the study and understanding of the soundscapes of the early modern city.

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Properzio fra Repubblica e Principato
G. Bonamente, C. Santini, R. Cristofoli (eds)

Proceedings of the twenty-first international conference on Propertius, Assisi - Cannara, 30 May - 1 June 2016. The 2016 conference's aim was to place Propertius in context. The papers focused on the compatibility between the choice of the elegiac form and the political framework, with special emphasis on Propertius' relationship to Tullus before his approach to Maecenas and the more direct contact with Augustus subsequent to Maecenas' removal.

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Miracles in Medieval Canonization Processes. Structures, Functions, and Methodologies
C. Krötzl, S. Katajala-Peltomaa (eds.)

Offers a comprehensive methodological analysis of the structure and functions of miracle collections from the High and Late Middle Ages in Western Christianity.

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Editio princeps: A History of the Gutenberg Bible
Eric Marshall White

Editio princeps is the first book to tell the whole story of Europe’s first printed edition, describing its creation at Mainz circa 1455, its impact on fifteenth-century life and religion, its fall into oblivion during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and its rediscovery and rise to worldwide fame during the centuries thereafter.

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Architecture as profession. The origins of architectural practice in the Low Countries in the fifteenth century
M. Hurx

Drawing on a wealth of new source material from the Low Countries, this book offers a new approach to the transition from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period by providing an alternative interpretation to the predominantly Italo-centric perspective of the current literature, and its concomitant focus on style and on Vitruvian theory.

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Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe: The Antwerp Dialogue
V. Blanton, V. O'Mara, P. Stoop (eds)

This collection of essays, the third in an integrated series of three and focused on the literacies of nuns in medieval Europe, brings together specialists working on diverse geographical areas to create a dialogue about the Latin and vernacular texts nuns read, wrote, and exchanged from the eighth to the mid-sixteenth centuries.

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Towards the Authority of Vesalius. Studies on Medicine and the Human Body from Antiquity to the Renaissance and beyond
E. Gielen, M. Goyens (eds.)

Studies on medicine and the human body from Antiquity to the Renaissance and beyond, working towards the authority of Vesalius.

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Charlemagne : les temps, les espaces, les hommes
R. Grosse, M. Sot (éd.)

Le règne de Charlemagne reconsidéré.

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Librorum studiosus. Miscellanea palaeographica et codicologica Alberto Derolez dicata
L. Reynhout, B. Victor (eds)

To mark the sixtieth year of this rich career, thirteen scholars from eight countries have produced a volume of essays honouring the man who was to some of them a teacher, to others a collaborator, to all a friend and model. The subjects covered are those that have most interested Prof. Derolez and have earned him worldwide renown.

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Les modèles dans l’art du Moyen Âge (XIIe-XVe siècles)
L. Terrier Aliferis, D. Borlée (éd.)

Ce volume réunit, pour la première fois sur le sujet, un ensemble de contributions qui abordent les diverses problématiques liées à l’usage des modèles dans la création artistique à l’époque gothique.

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Van Dyck's Hosts in Genoa: Lucas and Cornelis de Wael's Lives, Business Activities and Works
A. Stoesser

Long overshadowed by the brilliance of their close friend, Anthony van Dyck, Lucas and Cornelis de Wael, active as artists and dealers in Antwerp, Genoa and Rome, have largely been ignored in Flemish art historical literature. No monograph on them has appeared since 1925. This book aims to rectify this situation by giving a global overview of their wide-ranging pursuits.

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