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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
Materiality and Religious Practice in Medieval Denmark
Sarah Croix and Mads Vedel Heilskov (eds)

This book stresses the significance of the sensory, dramatic enactment that moved the soul, body, heart and mind of the medieval faithful and proposes to revisit and pave the way ahead for research in religious material culture in medieval Denmark.

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Richard of Saint-Victor, On the Trinity (Richard of Saint-Victor)
Aage Rydstrøm-Poulsen

Richard of Saint-Victor’s On The Trinity from the 12th century is a main source for our understanding of a leading intellectual tradition of the Western world in which love was regarded the highest and the best in the human world and therefore also was the reality in which the highest and the best, God, was to be seen.

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Illuminated Manuscript Production in Medieval Iceland. Literary and Artistic Activities of the Monastery at Helgafell in the Fourteenth Century
Stefan Drechsler

This study exemplifies the international societal and artistic contexts of book production in medieval Scandinavia and beyond.

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Santa Maria Antiqua: The Sistine Chapel of the Early Middle Ages
Rubery et al.

Lavishly illustrated and containing the most recent images and research on this unique church, this is an essential resource for early medieval historians and archeologists working on Rome, the medieval West and Byzantium.

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La Bibbia a Montecassino / The Bible at Montecassino
G. Orofino, M. Maniaci, R. Casavecchia

The first publication offering a scientific description of the Cassinese biblical collection, which holds Bibles of all typologies.

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The Drawings of Peter Paul Rubens, A Critical Catalogue, Volume One (1590–1608)
Anne-Marie Logan and Kristin Lohse Belkin

This is Volume I of the three-volume catalogue raisonné of all drawings considered by the authors to be by Rubens. It covers the years 1590–1608, Volumes II and III dealing, respectively, with the periods 1609–20 and 1621–40.

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Excavating Palmyra (Harald Ingholt)
R. Raja, J.-B. Yon, J. Steding

The Danish archaeologist Harald Ingholt’s diaries from his excavations in Palmyra in the 1920s and 1930s are for the first time transcribed and translated into English, and published here with a full commentary written by Professor Rubina Raja, Dr Julia Steding, and Dr Jean-Baptiste Yon, in order to make these unique texts available to a wider public.

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Journal of the European Society for the History of Science

The European Society for the History of Science (ESHS) and Brepols announce a partnership to publish the Society's flagship journal Centaurus. Journal of the European Society for the History of Science fully in Open Access from 2022 onwards, at no cost to the authors or readers.

The Society and Brepols are very proud to announce that they will collaborate, making Centaurus Open Access in 2022 via the Subscribe-to-Open publishing model.

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Eagles Looking East and West. Dynasty, Ritual and Representation in Habsburg Hungary and Spain
Tibor Martí, Roberto Quiros Rosado (eds.)

Two Crowns, a dynastic mirror, a shared political culture in Europe during the Early Modern Age.

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Les portails romans de Bourgogne
Marcello Angheben

L’ouvrage examine l’iconographie de l’ensemble des portails romans de Bourgogne en les abordant de manière sérielle, en fonction de leurs thèmes, avant de les considérer séparément comme autant de programmes uniques.

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Meanings of Water in Early Medieval England
C. Twomey, D. Anlezark (eds)

An interdisciplinary approach to the complex meanings of water in the early medieval cultural landscape of England.

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‘Ung bon ouvrier nommé Marquet Caussin’. Peinture et enluminure en Hainaut avant Simon Marmion
D. Vanwijnsberghe


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A l’Escu de France. Guillebert de Mets et la peinture de livres à Gand à l’époque de Jan van Eyck (1410-1450)
D. Vanwijnsberghe, E. Verroken


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The Art & Science of Illuminated Manuscripts: A Handbook
S. Panayotova (ed.)

This book is designed to provide a guide for art historians, conservators and manuscript scholars to understand and support the increasingly popular cross-disciplinary research efforts focused on non-invasive scientific analyses of illuminated manuscripts.

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Families, Authority, and the Transmission of Knowledge in the Early Modern Middle East
C. U. Werner, M. Szuppe, N. Michel, A. Fuess (eds)

This collection of articles traces the themes of family and of transmission in the early modern Middle East from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

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Les déserts de l’Occident. Genèse des lieux monastiques dans le sud-est de la Gaule (fin IVe - milieu VIe siècle)
Laurent Ripart

Le monachisme rhodanien : une tradition majeure pour la formation des monastères occidentaux comme espaces sacrés.

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Past and Future. Medieval Studies Today
M. J. F. M. Hoenen, K. Engel (eds)

This volume evinces the vitality and multi-perspectivism characteristic of Medieval Studies today.

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