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Almagest (ALMAGEST 2/2)

Almagest, International journal for the History of Scientific Ideas, 2011/2

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152 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2012
ISBN: 978-9-609990-11-0
Languages: English, French, Greek
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Table of Contents

Piedad Yuste, Ancient Geometry: Thinking about how to measure the circle
Vaios Argyrakis, The clepsydra experiment, clepsydra's functioning and the related devices in Heron's Pneumatics
Vincent Jullien, Le Calcul Logique de Roberval
Maria Terdimou, Mathematics, Greek Trade and Technology during the period of the Ottoman Rule: three mutually connected sectors
Kostas Tampakis, The unrecognized mechanism: History of science education in the 19th century
Sevtap Kadioglu & Gaye Sahinbas Erginöz, An Emigrant Scientist in Istanbul University: Richard Martin Edler von Mises (1883-1953)
Gianna Katsiampoura, The Byzantine sciences in the first modern Greek history of science textbook: Michael Stephanides, Introduction to the History of Natural Sciences

BOOK REVIEW by Efthymios Nicolaidis
Christine Phili, Εξουσία και μαθηματικά (Sovereignty and Mathematics), Athens 2009: Papasotiriou Editions
BOOK REVIEW by Oscar Sheynin
lvar Ekeland, The best of all possible worlds. Mathematics and destiny, Chicago and London 2006: University of Chicago Press
BOOK REVIEW by Gianna Katsiampoura
George Koutzakiotis, Αναμένονταs τo τέlos του κόσμου τov 17ο αιώνα: ο Εβραίοs Μεσσίαs και ο Μέγαs Διερμηνέαs (Awaiting the end of the world in 17th century: the Jewish Messiah and the Great Interpreter), Athens 2011: Institute for Neohellenic Research I National Hellenic Research Foundation.

Interest Classification:
Sciences & Technology
History of Science
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : local & regional history
Balkans & Near East

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