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Convivium Supplementum (CONVISUP 2)

The European Fortune of the Roman Veronica in the Middle Ages

A. Murphy, H. L. Kessler, M. Petoletti, E. Duffy, G. Milanese (eds.)
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304 p., 5 b/w ill. + 115 colour ill., 210 x 270 mm, 2017
ISBN: 978-80-210-8779-8
Languages: English, Italian
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Table of Contents

I. The origins of the fame of the Roman Veronica

Herbert L. Kessler — Introduction: The Literary Warp and Artistic Weft of Veronica’s Cloth
Zbigniew Izydorczyk — The Cura Sanitatis Tiberii a Century after Ernst von Dobschütz
Rémi Gounelle & Céline Urlacher-Becht — Veronica in the Vindicta Salvatoris
Barry Windeatt — ‘Vera Icon’? The Variable Veronica of Medieval England
Federico Gallo —De sacrosanto sudario Veronicae by Giacomo Grimaldi. Preliminary Investigations
Nigel Morgan — ‘Veronica’ Images and the Office of the Holy Face in Thirteenth-Century England

II. The devotion and cult of the Veronica

Aden Kumler — Signatis… vultus tui: (Re) impressing the Holy Face before and after the European Cult of the Veronica
Rebecca Rist — Innocent III and the Roman Veronica: Papal pr or Eucharistic Icon?
Guido Milanese — Quaesivi vultum tuum. Liturgy, figura and Christ’s Presence
Jörg Bölling — Face to Face with Christ in Late Medieval Rome. The Veil of Veronica in Papal Liturgy and Ceremony
Uwe Michael Lang — Origins of the Liturgical Veneration of the Roman Veronica

III. The promotion of the Veronica cult

Gisela Drossbach — The Roman Hospital of Santo Spirito in Sassia and the Cult of the Vera Icon
Kathryn M. Rudy — Eating the Face of Christ. Philip the Good and his Physical Relationship with Veronicas
Étienne Doublier — Sui pretiossisimi vultus Imago: Veronica e prassi indulgenziale nel XIII e all’inizio del XIV secolo
Marc Sureda i Jubany — From Holy Images to Liturgical Devices. Models, Objects and Rituals around the Veronicae of Christ and Mary in the Crown of Aragon (1300–1550)
Chiara Di Fruscia — Datum Avenioni. The Avignon Papacy and the Custody of the Veronica

IV. The spread of the Veronica cult

Hanneke van Asperen — ‘Où il y a une Veronique attachiée dedens’. Images of the Veronica in Religious Manuscripts, with Special Attention for the Dukes of Burgundy and their Family
Marco Petoletti & Angelo Piacentini — The Veronica of Boniface of Verona
Stefano Candiani — The Iconography of the Veronica in the Region of Lombardy: 13th–14th Centuries
Raffaele Savigni — The Roman Veronica and the Holy Face of Lucca: Parallelism and Tangents in the Formation of their Respective Traditions
Raffaella Zardoni & Emanuela Bossi & Amanda Murphy — The Iconography of the Roman Veronica. From the Repertoires of Karl Pearson to Veronica Route


« Ce précieux volume, riche d'articles de première importance, constitue néanmoins un nouveau jalon dans l'étude de ce phénomène iconique singulier. » (Nicolas Sarzeaud, in Sehepunkte, 19.12, 2019)

“(…) o livro em recensão é de uma qualidade superior e essencial para os que se dedicam à Cultura Medieval, mas também aos que estudam a recepção da Antiguidade e às origens do cristianismo.” (Nuno Simões Rodrigues, in Cadmo, 40, 2022, p. 266)

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Art History (general)

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