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L’origine du château médiéval, actes du colloque de Rindern, Allemagne (2010)

P. Ettel, A.-M. Flambard Héricher, K. O'Conor (eds.)
343 p., 220 x 280 mm, 2012
ISBN: 978-2-84133-417-9
Languages: English, French, German
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Table of Contents

Hans Janssen, Introduction

Bas Aarts, The Origin of Castles in the Eastern Part of the Delta Region (NL/D) and the Rise of the Principalities of Guelders and Cleves

Laurent Beuchet, Aux origines du château du Guildo (Côtes-d’Armor, France)

Markus C. Blaich, Werla – Fronhof, Königspfalz und Ansiedlung des 9.-13. Jahrhundert

François Blary, Aux origines d’une place forte des Vermandois au ixe-xe siècle : Château-Thierry (Aisne, France)

Steven Brindle, The Keep at Conisbrough Castle, Yorkshire

Frédéric Chantinne et Philippe Mignot, L’émergence du phénomène castral dans le sud du diocèse de Liège. Esquisse d’une confrontation entre données textuelles et archéologiques

Elizabeth den Hartog, The great portal of Cleves Castle: audience, meaning and function

Alain Dierkens et Michel Fourny, Les indices archéologiques les plus anciens au château du Coudenberg à Bruxelles

Jan Van Doesburg, Back to the facts: New evidence for and thoughts on early medieval earthworks in the central Netherland

Penelope Dransart, The Origins of some Bishops’ Residences as Castles in Scotland

Tomáš Durdík, Anfänge des königlichen Burgenbaus in Böhmen

Peter Ettel, Die Entwicklung des frühmittelalterlichen Burgenbaus in Süddeutschland bis zur Errichtung von Ungarnburgen und Herrschaftszentren im 10. Jahrhundert

István Feld, Die Burgen des Königreiches Ungarn im 11-12. Jahrhundert

Thomas Finan, 3D Castle Reconstruction as Interpretive Modelling: the Medieval Lough Cé Project

Christian Frey, Frühmittelalterliche Burgen als erzählte Orte

Reinhard Friedrich, Current research on medieval motte castles in the Lower Rhine area

Hans-Wilhelm Heine, Innovative Methoden zur Erfassung und Vermessung von Burgen in Wäldern und Flachgewässern (Niedersachsen)

Connie Jantzen & Rikke Agnete Olsen, Boeslum by Ebeltoft. Unexpected information from an «ordinary» site

Jan Kock, Dendrochronological dating and research into fortresses in Denmark

Conleth Manning, Clogh Oughter Castle, Co. Cavan, and thirteenth-century circular towers in Ireland

Pamela Marshall, Making an Appearance: some thoughts on the phenomenon of multiple doorways and large upper openings in Romanesque donjons in western France and Britain

Kare McManama-Kearin, Forced Focus: a room with a viewshed

Werner Meyer, Drapham Dzong. Excavations of a motte castle in Bhutan, 2008 - 2010

Paul Naessens & Kieran O’Conor, Pre-Norman Fortification in eleventh- and twelfth- century Connacht

Richard D. Oram, Dundonald, Doune and the Development of the Tower and Hall in Late Medieval Scottish Lordly Residences

Edwin Orsel, The Burcht of Leiden the summit of a royal dream

Hans-Werner Peine, Schloss Horst – Kleinod im Ruhrgebiet. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Hauses Horst im Emscherbruch

Sem Peters, St. Oedenrode: the Castle - The Development of an Aristocratic Site between the Tenth and Fifteenth Centuries

Peter Purton, The first private castles at war

Christoph Reichmann, Neuere Untersuchungen zur Baugeschichte der Burg Linn

Annie Renoux, Continuité et changement : stratégies princières et mises en œuvre castrales dans la France du Nord aux xe et début du xie siècles

Kari Uotila, Evolution and Creativity in North-East European Castles, AD 1000-1600

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : auxiliary sciences

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