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Before and After Wyclif: Sources and Textual Influences

L. Campi, S. Simonetta (eds.)
266 p., 165 x 240 mm
ISBN: 978-2-503-59406-4
Languages: English
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Studies on Wyclif’s attitude towards sources and Wyclif as a source

In the almost twenty years between the two international conferences on John Wyclif organised by the University of Milan, the most recent of which (September 2016) lies to some extent at the origin of the present volume, an increasing number of studies have been devoted to this great English thinker, theologian and reformer. These have enhanced our knowledge of his philosophical, theological and pastoral work, which had long remained in the shadows. The essays collected in the present book take further steps along this path, through the contribution of a range of specialists who have been called to further reconstruct Wyclif’s place in his intellectual milieu from the standpoint of his textual and doctrinal dependence and influence: the collected essays deal with the antecedents of Wyclif’s thought, his sources, and his role as a source for countless followers and opponents.

The following authors have contributed to the volume: Mark Thakkar, Alessandro Conti, Aurélien Robert, Stephen E. Lahey, Ian Christopher Levy, Sean Otto, Kantik Ghosh, Jindřich Marek and Graziana Ciola.

Luigi Campi and Stefano Simonetta both teach History of Medieval Philosophy at the Università degli Studi di Milano. They have devoted an extensive series of papers and essays to John Wyclif, across fields ranging from political theology and ecclesiology to soteriology, metaphysics and Wyclif’s reception in Bohemia; L. Campi has published a critical edition of De scientia Dei (Oxford 2017), while S. Simonetta is the author of Si salvi chi può? Volere divino, merito e dominio nella riflessione del primo Wyclif (Bergamo 2007).

Table of Contents

• Luigi CAMPI – Stefano SIMONETTA, Introduction

• Mark THAKKAR, Wyclif’s Logica and the Logica Oxoniensis
• Alessandro CONTI, Oxford Realists’ Criticism of Walter Burley’s Last Theory of Proposition
• Aurélien ROBERT, Atomism at Oxford after John Wyclif. The Cases of Robert Alyngton and Roger Whelpdale
• Stephen E. LAHEY, Stanislaus of Znojmo and the Ecclesiological Implications of Wyclif’s Divine Ideas
• Ian Christopher LEVY, The Words of Institution and Devotion to the Host in the Wake of Wyclif
• Sean OTTO, Anti-fraternalism and the Sources of John Wyclif’s Sermones
• Kantik GHOSH, After Wyclif: Philosophy, Polemics and Translation in the English Wycliffite Sermons
• Jindřich MAREK, Jakoubek of Stříbro as a Wycliffi te. The Testimony of His Sermon Collections
• Graziana CIOLA, The Apologue of the Birds
• Bibliography

• Index of Names
• Ancient and Medieval Authors
• Modern and Contemporary Authors
• Index of Manuscripts

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)

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