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Ikon 14/2021
Iconography and Hagiography

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398 p., 240 x 310 mm, 2021
ISBN: 978-2-503-59214-5
Languages: English
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Table of Contents

Uvodna riječ / Foreword

Danijela Tesić Radovanović – Branka Gugolj — Visual Representations of Saint Menas and Saint Thecla: Objects and Sources

Maria Lidova — Martyrs, Prophets, Monks: Calendar Icons in the Collection of St Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai (11th-12th Centuries)

Piotr Łukasz Grotowski — Saint Nicholas the New Martyr of Vounena and His Two Faces

Barbara Crostini — Devotion to Saints as Busts on Pillars: Solving the Enigma of Non-Stylite Stylites in Psalter Vat. gr. 752

Roksolana Kosiv — “Pillar of Faith”: The Cult of the Ascetic Saints Simeon Stylites and Sabbas the Sanctified in the Icon Painting of the Peremyshl Diocese of the Ukrainian Church in the 15th-18th Centuries

Evan A. Gatti — The Rotolo con Atti degli apostoli di Vercelli: Acts of the Apostles and the Arts of Imitation

Nicolas Varaine — The Rhetoric of Martyrdom: Remarks on a Painted Cycle of Saint Paraskevi’s Martyrdom in Venetian Crete

Ivan Great — The Anti-Legend: Judas Iscariot in Liber depictus

Jeroen Reyniers — An Iconographic Approach to the Study of the Saint Odilia Shrine (1292)

Valentina Živković — Sul legno della Croce: Dominican Hagiographic and Iconographic Models in the Formation of the Local Cult of the Blessed Osanna from Kotor

Fernando Gutierrez Banos — “Like a Wolf Takes a Sheep”: The Wall Paintings of the Chapel of St Barbara in the Old Cathedral of Salamanca

Gaetano Curzi — The ‘Strange Case’ of the Death of Saint John the Evangelist

John Arblaster — Lionizing Jan van Leeuwen († 1378): The ‘Good Cook’ of Groenendaal in Iconography and Hagiography

Emanuele Carletti – Marco Massoni — A Difficult Dialogue between Hagiography and Iconography: The Images of the Founders in the Servite Order (13th-16th Centuries)

Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky — The Iconography of St Eugenia of Rome in Medieval Spain and France: Sources, Workshops, and Influences

Elisa Antonietta Daniele & Pamela Gallicchio — The Visual Forms and Color Palette of Francesca Romana’s Holiness at Tor de’ Specchi in Rome

Iliana Kandzha — Visualising the Invisible: Various Understandings of Female Virginity in Late Medieval Images of St Cunigunde

Ana Cristina Sousa — Sanctum torquati of Guimarães: The First and Second inventio or the Long Development of a Cult

Bela Zsolt Szakacs — Inventive Iconography in Remote Village Churches: The Fourteenth-Century Lónya-Group

Saša Potočnjak & Barbara Španjol-Pandelo — The Cult of Saint Christopher in the Diocese of Rab: Relic, Hagiography and Iconography

Daniele Sanguineti — Beata Limbania: culto e immagine nella Repubblica di Genova

Valentina Borniotto — Ancient Relics, New Images and New Saints in Early Modern Genoa

Mihnea Alexandru Mihail — The Sacra cintola and Christ’s Side Wound: The Representation of St Francis and St Thomas in the 15th-Century Wall Painting in Mediaș, Transylvania

Elena Firea — Visual Strategies in Promoting New Saints in 16th-Century Moldavia

Silvia Marin Barutcieff — Warrior, Parent, Martyr: Iconographic Variants and Hagiographic Attributes of Saint Eustathius Placidas in the Wallachian Mural Painting (1650-1815)

Alessandro Cosma — Si cui cure sit facere depingi vitam beati Augustini: The ‘New Augustine’ and Jordan of Saxony’s Metrum pro depingenda vita Sancti Augustini

Sanja Cvetnić — Saint, Hagiographer and Translator: St Jerome in the Triumphal Heavenly Procession/Translation in Štrigova (Croatia)

Julia Merit van Rosmalen — From Thaumaturgus to Gift Bringer: The Influence of the Role of Children in Hagiography and Folk Practices on the Iconography of Saint Nicholas

Anne L. Williams — Joseph of Nazareth in Sixteenth-Century New Spain: An Elderly Saint and Popular Devotion

Karen von Veh — Saint Sebastian Reimagined: Diane Victor’s Gendered Subversion of the Sebastian-Apollo Icon

Nebojsa Tumara — “21 Martyrs of Libya”: Presenting Holiness in the Contemporary Coptic Church

Dominic E. Delarue — Imitating Christ and the Saints: Katrin Gebbe’s Tore tanzt/Nothing BadCan Happen (DE 2013) as Hagiographic Narration

Veronika Nela Gašpar – Davor Šimunec —Manifestazione visibile dell’invisibile nella tradizione cristiana

Prilog / Prikaz — Contribution / Review

Martin Germ — Antiquity for Connoisseurs: Animals with Classical Pedigree in the Emblems of the Theatrum Memoriae Nobilis ac Almae Societatis Unitorum

Marina Vicelja-Matijašić — Iconography and Iconoloygy: The Nordic Panopticon

Interest Classification:
Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Art History (general)
Medieval art history
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)

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