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The Discoveries of Manuscripts from Late Antiquity
Their Impact on Patristic Studies and the Contemporary World (Conference Proceedings 2nd International Conference on Patristic Studies)

P. Ciner, A. Nunez (eds.)
approx. 450 p., 2 b/w ill., 156 x 234 mm, 2021
ISBN: 978-2-503-59149-0
Languages: English, Spanish
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A selection of studies dealing with the impact of discoveries of late antique manuscripts on early Christian studies and the contemporary world
This book is an anthology of the proceedings from the Second International Conference on Patristic Studies: "The Discoveries of Manuscripts from Late Antiquity: Their Impact on Patristic Studies and the Contemporary World". This event was held in San Juan, Argentina in March 2017.
Time has an obvious lineal component where past, present and future seem to play out inevitably on after the other. However, time also has an enigmatic and reversible component by which the past can transform the present and future.This mysterious aspect of time seems to have been revealed in the discoveries of the Manuscripts of Late Antiquity, manuscripts discovered during the 20th and 21st centuries. Apparently as if by chance, complete libraries of manuscripts as well as individual documents of great importance for our understanding of historical authors and situations have come to light after having been buried for millennia. Just some examples are the incredible discoveries of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic library, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Origen of Alexandria's homilies, Augustine's sermons. etc.
These manuscripts are not passive documents. They pose numerous questions to specialists from a diverse array of fields, demanding new evaluations of a past that was thought to be already understood and judged.
This event attempted to answer these and other questions with careful scientific rigor, seeking answers that enrich our understanding of both the specific field of Patristic Studies and the contemporary world in general.
Table of Contents

Introduction: The Discovery of Manuscripts from Late Antiquity: An Open Debate in Patristic Studies and in Contemporary Times (Patricia Ciner)

Chapter 1. The Discovery of the Manuscripts of Qumran and the Apocryphal Literature: Their Impact on Patristic Studies
Brief Introduction to the Topic (Magdalena Díaz-Araujo)
Manuscripts of Christian Apocrypha: The Texts and their Use (Alberto D’Anna)
The Mystery of Melchizedek in Early Christianity in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Adolfo D. Roitman)
Health and Disease in Qumran Texts and Jewish Aprocryphal Literature (Juan Carlos Alby)

Chapter 2. The Discovery of Origen’s Manuscripts and those of the Alexandrian Tradition: Their Impact on Patristic Studies
Brief Introduction to the Topic (Anders-Christian Jacobsen)
Origen’s Renaissance in the Twentieth Century and the Recovery of his Literary Heritage: New Finds and Philological Advancement (Lorenzo Perrone)
Self-knowledge and Dispersion in the Alexandrian Tradition (Rubén Peretó Rivas)

Chapter 3. The Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic Library: Its Impact on Patristic Studies
Brief Introduction to the Topic (Mariano Troiano)
Corpus Gnosticum. Noticias y fuentes sobre los Gnósticos incluida la Biblioteca de nag hammadi y otros hallazgos anteriores menos conocidos (Francisco García Bazán)
What Difference Does the Gospel of Judas Make? (David Brakke)
Magic and Theology. Barbaric Utterances in the Pistis Sophia and their Different Levels of Interpretation (Mariano Troiano)

Chapter 4. The Discovery of Coptic and Syriac Manuscripts: Their Impact on Patristic Studies
Brief Introduction to the Topic (Patricia Ciner)
The Discovery of Coptic Manuscripts and the Development of Patristic Studies: Methodological and Epistemological Issues and the Challenge of Some New Research Projects (Alberto Camplani)
Recovering Late-Antique Christian Identities: the Ongoing Discovery and Rediscovery of Syriac Manuscripts, their Diversity, and Limitations (Luise Frenkel)

Chapter 5. The Discovery of Collections of Letters from the Patristic Era: Its Impact on Western History
Brief Introduction to the Topic (Patricia Ciner)
The Vision of God and Augustine’s De uidendo deo liber unus (= ep. 147) (Oscar Velasquez)
Pope Leo I’s Letters on “The Manichean Perversity” (Bronwen Neil)

Chapter 6. Manuscripts from Late Antiquity and from the Patristic Period: Their Discovery, Conservation and Digital Publication
Brief Introduction to the Topic (Patricia Ciner)
Writing Materials of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Ira Rabin)
La “vocación patrística” de la Biblioteca Vaticana (Cesare Pasini)
The Impact of Recent Archaeological, Historical and Literary Discoveries for the Study of Patristics (Angelo Di Berardino)

Chapter 7. The Discovery of Manuscripts from Late Antiquity and its Impact on the Contemporary World
Brief Introduction to the Topic (Patricia Ciner)
Papyri, Parchments, and Ostraca and the Study of Ancient Christianity Today (Theodore De Bruyn)
The Impact of the Rediscovery of Manuscripts on Theology and Religious Culture after the Second World War (Marco Rizzi)

Interest Classification:
Religion (including History of Religion) & Theology
Christian devotion & forms of religious expression

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