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Stories from Mount Athos
Encounters on the Holy Mountain

P. Howorth, C. Thomas (eds.)
approx. 320 p., 25 b/w ill. + 130 colour ill., 300 x 240 mm
ISBN: 978-2-503-58911-4
Languages: English
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An affectionate testament to Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain, after 30 years of activity of the Friends of Mount Athos

Mount Athos, the home of Orthodox spirituality and monasticism, has been in existence for at least 1200 years. Home to over 2,000 monks, in twenty glorious monasteries filled with treasures, the peninsular is undergoing a transformation and renewal of faith.

In 1956 there was a proposal to build hotels on Mount Athos. Today it hosts up to 1,000 pilgrims every day! Why? This book will help explain this extraordinary place, the current resurgence, the growing population of monks, the sense of purpose, the love and affection that are so much part of the environment.

This wonderful story, with a preface by HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, is told through the recollections of the Friends of Mount Athos, an organisation that has, for thirty years, provided support for the institutions, landscape and people. Here are the stories of enchantment from over forty people of different nationalities, customs and beliefs.

In addition to the text, there are a collection of special photographs and maps.

Peter Howorth and Chris Thomas are long time members of the Friends of Mount Athos and veterans of multiple path-clearing pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain which is how they met. Despite living on opposite sides of the planet, their mutual passion for the planet, geography, pilgrimage and of course Mount Athos has underpinned their collaboration.

Peter produces maps of the Holy Mountain that have sold to over 44 countries, and this work has fuelled his love for the place and the men. He is an engineer, and had a career managing major projects internationally, and started drawing maps when invited to help with the republication of ‘Dare to be Free’ - a WW2 memoir that involved the Holy Mountain. He is a Fellow of Royal Geographical Society. Chris Thomas is the managing director of a successful sports technology business. He is a trustee of the Friends of Mount Athos, a member of Mensa, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and, like Peter, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He is the proud father of three adult children, he loves Arsenal FC and football in general and is proud to have coined the slogan for EURO 96: 'Football Comes Home', which has since become part of common parlance.

Table of Contents

Front Matter     
Where / Getting There    
Robert Byron - Simonopetra   
Sandy Thomas - Monoxylites   
Peter McIntyre - Citations   
John Warrack - The Diary   
Michael R  Bruce - Athos Revisited  
Sydney Loch - Karyes    
Joice Loch - The End    
John McCormack - Early Days   
Scott Cairns - Short Edge   
Richard Edwards - God's Reason   
Nicholas Shakespeare - Another Person  
Storey / Talbot Rice - Back Again  
Harry Spry-Leverton - First Visit   
Neil Averrit - the Single Gospel   
John Campbell - A Good Idea   
Trevor Curnow - Pantokrator   
Ben Martin - The Holy Mountain and London Bridge 
Shaun Leavey - Two Different Pilgrimages 
Roumen Avramov - Personal Fragments  
Bishop Irenei -     
Bob Allison - The Bumblebee   
John Mole - The Kings Wine   
DJ Caso - The Mountain    
Veronica Della Dora - in Space   
Graham Speake - Upwards   
Alastair Sawday - Travelling Light  
Daniel Eriksen - Visits to Mount Athos  
Kallistos Ware - Fifty Four Years as an Athonite Pilgrim 
Doug Patterson - Mount Athos -The Artist  
Andreas Chrysanthou - Yes!   
Douglas Dales - The Border   
Artur  Scholtes - Like Father, Like Son  
Derek Simons - How I got lost and met a Saint 
Jonathon Dunne - Athos Diary   
Bart Janssens - Catechumen   
Colin Whorlow - 1998    
Christopher Deliso -‘Twenty Years of Gratitude' 
Terry Swehla - A Family Affair   
Thomas Stoor - Waves of Eternal Praise  
Path Clearing 
Dominic Solly - The first Lopper   
Andrew Buchanan - Brotherhood on The Holy Mountain
David Holloway - Reflections on 2010  
David Stothard - Surprise, Grace and Serenity 
John Mole - Lopper's Diary   
John Mole - Brotherhood of the Loppers  
John Arnell - The path-clearer in Chief  
John Andrews - An Orthodox Pathclearer  
John Arnell - Reports from the Beginning  
Back Matter 
Leslie Currie - Food Diary   
Peter Desmond - Icons
Oliver Rackham - Our Lady's Garden
Philip Oswald - Flora
Dimitri Conomos - Syndesmos stories
Graham Speake - History
Bob Allison - MAFA
Peter Howorth - The Map
Peter Howorth - Monastic Medicine
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Religion (including History of Religion) & Theology

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