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Viator (VIATOR 51:1)

Viator 51, No 1 (2020)
Includes Viator Cluster: Global Exchanges in the North Atlantic, ca. 350–1300

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X+489 p., 11 colour ill., 178 x 254 mm, 2021
ISBN: 978-2-503-58765-3
Languages: English
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Table of Contents


Global Exchanges in the North Atlantic, ca. 350–1300: Directions, Movements, Questions — NAHIR OTAÑO GRACIA, NICOLE LOPEZ-JANTZEN, AND ERICA WEAVER 1

Ganetes hleoþor

: Posthumanist Moments and Animal Migrations in the Medieval Global Atlantic — MARIAN E. POLHILL 9

Literary Landscapes and Cultural Exchange in the Early Medieval North Atlantic — A. JOSEPH MCMULLEN 23

The North Atlantic in Islamic Cartographic Imaginaries — ANDREW RUSSO 35

Jewish and Islamic Foundations of Late Medieval Christian Literary Practices — ANTONIA CARCELÉN-ESTRADA 45

What is Global Medieval Romance? — ELIZABETH WATKINS 67

Routes of North African Impact on Book Production in the British Isles before ca. 800 — ALISON HUDSON 83

Race-ing Plainchant: Theodore of Tarsus, Hadrian of Canterbury, and the Voices of Music History — GILLIAN L. GOWER 103

How White is Heimdallr? — REI DAIMON 121

Class and Race in Pelagius’s, Jerome’s, and Augustine’s Thoughts on Demetrias’s Consecration — ANNAMARIA LAVIOLA-SVENSÄTER 137

Mobile Ancestors and Women’s Genealogies: Agatha of Hungary in Trevet’s Les Cronicles — EMMA O. BÉRAT 147

Otherworld Treasure and Bardic Disguise: Recovering the Past in Medieval Welsh and Persian Literatures — SAM LASMAN 159

Pax et concordia

: The Paul and Antony Panel on the Tower Cross at Kells — MEREDITH CUTRER 171

Reading the Necropolitical in the Early Medieval English Soul and Body — GABRIELLE DACOSTA 187




Agobard, Deuteronomic Curses, and an Anti-Jewish Exegetical Discourse in Carolingian Lyon — YIN LIU 205

Gregory the Great as Intermediary Figure between East and West: The Eleventh-Century Manuscript Context of the Old English Dialogues — KATIE MENENDEZ 241

Gerald of Wales, the Topographia Hiberniae, and the History of the Vikings in Ireland — PATRICK WADDEN 273

Deafness and Nonspeaking in Late Medieval Iceland (1200–1550) — YOAV TIROSH 311

Christian Imperialism and Antisemitic Violence in Titus and Vespasian — KARA L. MCSHANE 345

Identity and Liminality: Jews, Conversos, Foreigners, and Muslims in Christian Ávila, 1440s–1492 — TEOFILO F. RUIZ 373

Syon at 1500: Observant Reform? — MARY C. ERLER 407

Enclosed Gardens, Female Networks, and Spiritual Kinship in Late Medieval Northern Europe — RACHEL M. DELMAN 437

Generic Transformation in a Manuscript Culture: The Case of a Seventeenth-Century Monody — ÞÓRUNN SIGURÐARDÓTTIR 465

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)

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