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Journal for the History of Environment and Society Vol. 5 – 2020
COVID-19 and Environmental History

156 x 234 mm, 2020
ISBN: 978-2-503-58735-6
Languages: English
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Table of Contents

Soens, De Bont & De Keyzer. At the edge of resilience: Making sense of COVID-19 from the perspective of Environmental History

Section 1: COVID-19: a crisis for our time

Rohland. COVID-19, Climate, and White Supremacy - Multiple Crises or One?

Power, Peša & Honda. Undoing the Discipline: History in the Time of Climate Crisis and COVID-19

Section 2: Defining Pandemics

Vandendriessche. Cholera, Corona and Trust in Numbers

Bauch. "Just the Flu" in 1323?: The Case study of a Highly Contagious Epidemic with Low Mortality and Its Possible Origins in Late Medieval Europe

Section 3: Pathogens on the Move

Plishka. Malignant Microbes: Using Environmental History to Connect the Fields of Plant and Human Epidemiology

Coomans & Weeda. Politics of Movement: Exploring Passage Points in Responses to COVID-19 and the Plague in the Fifteenth-Century Netherlands

Hünniger. The "normative forces" of difference – Ecology, Economy and Society during Cattle Plagues in the eighteenth century

Section 4 Biopolitics and the (im)possibilities of control

Uekötter. It’s the Entanglements, Stupid

De Munck. The human body must be defended. A Foucauldian and Latourian take on COVID-19

Mauelshagen. Leviathan in Crisis

Acker. What could carbofascism look like? A historical perspective on reactionary politics in the COVID-19 pandemic

Section 5: Material Entanglements

Haumann. Viruses, Practices and Perception

Murphy Schlichting & Kiechle. Invisible Inequalities: Persistent Health Threats in the Urban Built Environment

Thelle & Bille. Urban Porosity and material contamination. From cholera to COVID-19 in Copenhagen

Wille. Keep focusing on the air: COVID-19 and the historical value of an atmospheric sensibility

Section 6: the Virus as Catalyst of Change

Alfani. Pandemics and asymmetric shocks: evidence from the history of plague in Europe and the Mediterranean

Hilkens, van Besouw & Curtis. A Modern Rendition of a Pre-modern Scenario: Imperfect Institutions and Obscured Vulnerabilities

Honeybun-Arnolda & O’Riordan. Environmentalism after the pandemic

Interest Classification:
Modern History (1501 to the present)
Modern history (1801 to present) : main subdisciplines

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