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Integrative Approaches to the Archaeology and History of Kültepe-Kaneš. Kültepe, 4–7 August 2017
KIM 3 (Kültepe International Meetings 3)

F. Kulakoğlu, C. Michel, G. Öztürk (eds.)
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XX+258 p., 173 b/w ill. + 12 colour ill., 20 b/w tables, 216 x 280 mm, 2020
ISBN: 978-2-503-58559-8
Languages: English
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This third volume of the Kültepe International Meetings (KIM) series draws together multidisciplinary approaches to the archaeology and history of complex urban sites using Kültepe-Kanesh as a case study, with particular emphasis on Bronze Age material.

The 3rd Kültepe International Meeting aimed at exploring multidisciplinary approaches to the archaeology and history of complex urban sites using Kültepe-Kanesh as a case study. As a result, the conference proceedings involve a wide variety of disciplines: archaeology, ceramics, paleobotany, paleoecology, palynology, archaeometallurgy, geo- and archaeo-magnetism, art history, philology, history, computer science, and last but not least, videogame design. Indeed, the aim of the Kültepe International Meetings (KIM) is to facilitate the dialogue between these different disciplines and to combine their data in order to build an accurate view of Kültepe and its environment. The 3rd KIM more than fulfilled this goal, demonstrating once again how Kültepe functions as an international experimental laboratory in which disciplines and sub-disciplines can be tested, improved, and developed. All the contributions presented here provide a good overview of the ongoing multidisciplinary studies being carried out at Kültepe and Central Anatolia.

Fikri Kulakoğlu, Professor of Archaeology at Ankara University, is the director of Kültepe excavations since 2006 and an expert of Central Anatolian archaeology of the Bronze Age.

Cécile Michel, Assyriologist, Director of Research at the Nationl Center for Scientific Research (France) and Professor at Hamburg University, belongs, since the 90’s, to the international team in charge of the publication of Kültepe tablets.

Güzel Öztürk, Research Associate and PhD candidate at the Department of Near Eastern Archaeology at Ankara University (Turkey). She is the co-director of Kültepe excavations since 2014.

Table of Contents

Fikri KULAKOĞLU & Cécile MICHEL, Preface: To Mogens Larsen on his Eightieth Birthday

Cécile MICHEL, Integrative Approaches to the Archaeology and the History of Kültepe/Kaneš

Fikri KULAKOĞLU, Ryoichi KONTANI, Akinori UESUGI, Yuji YAMAGUCHI, Kazuya SHIMOGAMA & Masao SEMMOTO, Preliminary Report of Excavations in the Northern Sector of Kültepe 2015-2017

Fikri KULAKOĞLU, Serdar OKUR, Güzel ÖZTÜRK, Gökhan YILDIZ & Dilek KEÇE, Preliminary Report on the 2014–2016 Seasons Rescue Excavations at Early Bronze Age Cemetery in Kayseri İnler DağI

Pinar ERTEPINAR, Cor LANGEREIS, Andy BIGGIN, Lennart V. DE GROOT & Fikri KULAKOĞLU, Archaeomagnetism at Kültepe: Untangling the Order of Fire Events in Antiquity

Andrew FAIRBAIRN, Did the Old Assyrian Trade Stimulate Changes in Farming Practices in Central Anatolia?

Çetin ŞENKUL, Fikri KULAKOĞLU, Aziz ÖREN & Warren EASTWOOD, Paleo-Ecological Conditions of Kültepe and its Vicinity Based on Palynological Data

Gonca DARDENIZ & Tayfun YILDIRIM, Resuloğlu (Çorum, Turkey) Updated: Preliminary Results of pXRF Analysis of Metal Artefacts from the Early Bronze Age Cemetery

Abdullah HACAR, Early Bronze Age Pottery from a Mining Settlement (Göltepe) South-West of Kültepe

Emine KOÇAK & Latif ÖZEN, Re-Restoring a Bone Panel from Kültepe-Kanesh

Cécile MICHEL, Making Clay Envelopes in the Old Assyrian Period

Melissa RICETTI, Preliminary Results on the Seal Impressions from the 1990 Excavation Season at Kültepe/Kaniš (kt 90/k)

Selim FERRUH ADALI, Iron Age Kültepe and its Region in Light of Tabal’s History

Elif SURER, Ceren İNCI TÜRKBEN & H. ŞEBNEM DÜZGÜN, A Multifaceted Gaming Platform for Interactive Learning of Archaeology and Culture of Kültepe: Preliminary Results on the Gaming Prototype

Interest Classification:
Classics, Ancient History, Oriental Studies
Ancient history & archaeology: Africa & Asia
Palestine & Near East
Mesopotamia & Iranian plateau (Middle East)
Ancient history & archaeology: Europe

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