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Almagest (ALMAGEST 9/2)

Almagest, International journal for the History of Scientific Ideas, 2018/2

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129 p., 160 x 240 mm, 2019
ISBN: 978-2-503-58397-6
Languages: English, French
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Table of Contents

John Hedley Brooke, Orthodoxy and Science: Varieties of Engagement and Indifference

Dimitris Kilakos, Religion and Ideological Confrontations in Early Soviet Mathematics: The Case of P.A. Nekrasov

Christopher Howell, The Rose and the Stag. An American Orthodox Converstation on Modernity, Science and Biblical Interpretation

Anne Tihon, Le diagramme des horizons et les prosneuses des éclipses dans l'astronomie de Ptolémée

Noël Golvers, New Jesuit Testimonies from the Far East on the Comet of March 1668: the Diary of Visitor Luis da Gama (Macau) and a Letter of Ferdinand Verbiest (Peking)

Andrei Vasilescu, Magda Stavinschi, 1877- Henri Poincaré : le voyage d'étude et la fabrication de l'acier dans le Banat

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Interest Classification:
Sciences & Technology
History of Science
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : local & regional history
Balkans & Near East

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