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Romance Philology (RPH 73/2)

Romance Philology 73/2 (Fall 2019)
Philology on the Moon

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X+276 p., 16 b/w ill., 156 x 234 mm, 2020
ISBN: 978-2-503-58309-9
Languages: English, Italian, French
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Philologists on the Moon. To celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the first true moonwalk (20 July 1969), and to mark what are perhaps the final days before the galaxy becomes so cluttered by convertibles and other orbiting detritus as to be indistinguishable from Las Vegas, Romance Philology proposes a venture to the moon, one which allows medievalists to remind us of the legends and literary inventions that have long shaped our concepts of the moon and her companions, and which will also permit linguists to gather, for future generations, the lexical specimens that mark our changing perceptions of the night sky, of lunar time, and the phases of galaxy formation. Ad astra per philologiam.

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Philology on the Moon
(in celebration of the 50th anniversary
of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing)

Reading by the Light of the Moon – Barbara De Marco
Le parole della luna – Ugo Cardinale
Muable comme la lune: Les diverses faces de la lune dans Artus de Bretagne (vers 1300), entre Roman Arthurien et Roman de Clergie – Christine Ferlampin-Acher
L’onomastica della Luna - La Luna nell’onomastica (terrestre) – Enzo Caffarelli
The Moon in Matfre – William D. Paden
Brighter than the Moon: The Vagaries of a Simile and a Metaphor in Fifteenth-century Castilian Cancionero Poetry – Dorothy Sherman Severin
La prefijación en el léxico castellano de la palabra luna – David A. Pharies, Erica Fischer Dorantes
Possi tu luxì tanto che ti schiatti. Una lettura dell’invettiva alla luna di Gian Giacomo Cavalli (Citt. Zen., Son., Civ. 31) – Fiorenzo Toso
Sowing and Planting by the Moon: A Medieval Catalan Adaptation of Traditional Lunar Agriculture – Thomas M. Capuano, Maria Antònia Martí Escayol
LUNA > lua e altre denasalizzazioni – Marcello Barbato
Dame des trois formes: Diane-Hécate, des Métamorphoses à l’Ovide moralisé – Ana Pairet
¡Cuánto te amé en las sombras! acerca de Luna del Paraíso de Vicente Aleixandre – Marta Galinanes Gallén
Alfonso X el Lunatico – Jerry R. Craddock
Invocation to the Moon in Romanian Love Charms – Sanda Golopenţia
Examining the Moon’s Footprint – Leena Löfstedt
El astro mas bello que campea el cielo nocturno: La luna como vehículo de la contemplatio y el beato Sebastián de Aparicio (ca. 1510-1600) – Montserrat A. Báez Hernandez
Astronomical Names in the Romance Languages of Western Europe from Late Antiquity to Early Modern Times – Alan H. Hartley
Writing with the Light of the Moon: A Conversation between Artist and Poet Leandro Katz and Filmaker Jesse Lerner –Jesse Lerner, Leandro Katz

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Modern (Indo-European) Languages & Literatures
Romance languages

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