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Convivium (CONVI 6.1)

Convivium 6.1 (2019)

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167 p., 215 x 260 mm, 2019
ISBN: 978-2-503-58259-7
Languages: English, French
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The present volume, which came into being as one of the results of an interdisciplinary project titled Iconic Presence. The Evidence of Images in Religion, addresses the relationship between movement and the “iconic presence”. Within the frame of the latter notion, the image is understood as a threshold between the tangible world and the imaginary one. To speak about “iconic presence” thus means to speak about the presence manifested through (and in) images, but also about the meaning of “image” in the Middle Ages. The volume, divided into three sections, is conceived to bring about precisely this, adding the element of movement into the discussion. The first section dedicated to sites of worship and landscapes as living phenomena shows the presence to be possible through mental images, traces of divine, miraculous events or landscape design. The second focuses on three-dimensional objects and the way they were activated by sight and corporal movement while entering the sacred space. The third deals with human bodies in movement that become images themselves. The volume was published as proceedings of the Walking and the Iconic Presence conference, which was held in November 2017 at the Masaryk University in Brno.

Table of Contents


The Movement and the Experience of “Iconic Presence”. An Introduction — Hans Belting, Ivan Foletti, Martin F. Lešák



Site-Worship and the Iconopoietic Power of Kinetic Devotions — Michele Bacci

Sacred Architecture and the Voice of Bells in the Medieval Landscape. With the Case Study of Mont-Saint-Michel — Martin F. Lešák


Dancing with Sainte Foy. Movement and the Iconic Presence — Ivan Foletti

Captivated by Gaze. Sculpture as Witness at the Lausanne Cathedral’s Porch — Adrien Palladino

The Mobile Viewer at the Medieval Church Entrance — Tina Bawden


Iconic Presences. Late Roman Consuls as Imperial Images — Vladimir Ivanovici

Ritual Drama and Dramatic Ritual in Spanish Sacramental Plays. La Margarita Preciosa (1616) Between Procession and Stage — Johanna Abel

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Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Art History (general)

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