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The Fourth Lateran Council and the Crusade Movement
The Impact of the Council of 1215 on Latin Christendom and the East

J. Bird, D. Smith (eds.)
approx. 328 p., 5 b/w ill., 178 x 254 mm, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-503-58088-3
Languages: English, French
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The Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 is often considered as the high water-mark for the Medieval Church with its decisions affecting the cultural, social, religious and intellectual history of the Later Medieval World. The council was also a major event in the history of the crusades not only because the reform of the church and the recovery of the Holy Land were the central concerns of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) but also because at the time of the council political decisions were made which affected all theatres of crusading and the canons of the council dealt with issues concerning piety and economics which had very long-term implications for the crusading movement. This book, bringing together an international team of scholars, is the first to deal with Fourth Lateran and the crusades in entirety and argues for the centrality of the council in the history of the crusades. It will be of interest not only to scholars of the history of the crusades but also to those interested in the history of the religious life of the Middle Ages as well to students of the particular areas and themes under discussion.

Jessalynn L. Bird is an assistant professor in Humanistic Studies at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN.  She has co-authored a sourcebook for the crusades with Edward Peters and the late James Powell and has written numerous articles on the activities of members of Peter the Chanter’s circle.

Damian J. Smith is Professor of History at Saint Louis University. He has written multiple books on the history of medieval Aragon and is currently writing a history of the reign of James I of Aragon (1213-1276).

Table of Contents

Jessalynn Bird, Damian J. Smith ‘Introduction’

Section One: The Eastern Crusade: Theory and Practice

Thomas Smith, ‘The Influence of the Fourth Lateran Council on Ad Liberandam’
Jan Vanderburie, ‘Dominus papa volens scire’ – Echoes of the Fourth Lateran Council’s Crusade and Mission Agenda in Thirteenth Century Manuscripts
Richard Allington, ‘Crusading Piety and the Development of Crusading Devotions at the Fourth Lateran Council’
Ane Bysted, ‘The Crusade Indulgence: Remission of Sins or of Penances? 
Emily Guerry, ‘The acquisition and display of relics after Lateran IV: The case of the mortgage of the Crown of Thorns’

Section Two:  The Expansion of Christendom in Greece and the Baltic

Thomas F. Madden, ‘Forging Election Law: the Latin Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Fourth Lateran Council’
Andris Sne, ‘Bishop Albert and the Papal Curia: Ideology and Politics in Early Livonian Crusades’
Alan Murray, ‘Adding to the multitude of fish: Innocent III, bishop Albert of Riga and the conversion of the indigenous peoples of Livonia’
Torben Nielsen, ‘The Virgin Mary for the sake of Livonia’

Section Three: The Albigensian Crusade

Martin Alvira Cabrer, ‘The Albigensian Crusade and the Fourth Lateran Council’
Marco Meschini, ‘Innocent III, the Fourth Lateran Council and the houses of Saint-Gilles and Montfort’
Marjolaine Raguin-Barthelmebs, ‘Le concile de Latran dans la Chanson de la Croisade albigeoise, une acmé.
Claudine Pailhès, ‘Le Comte de Foix et le concile du Latran’

Section Four: The Iberian Crusades

Damian J. Smith, ‘The Reconciliation of Guillem Ramon de Montcada’
Miguel Gomez, ‘Innocent III and the Spanish Crusade at Lateran IV’
Hermínia Vilar and Hermenegildo Fernandes, ‘Crusade, jihad and royal legitimation in the aftermath of the Consilium Lateranensis: comparative approaches to the kingdom of Portugal and the Almohad empire’

Section Five:  The Crusade: Law and Logistics

Jessalynn Bird, ‘Crusade Logistics in Practice: The Formation and Use of Fourth Lateran’s Statutes on Procedure and Crusader Rights by Judges Delegate’
Thomas Heeboll-Holm, ‘Crusades, Piracy and Canon law at the Fourth Lateran Council’
James Todesca, ‘Ad liberandam and Mediterranean Trade in the wake of Lateran IV’

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : genres & specific topics

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